Steps to an At Home Facial

Sure, doing it yourself may not be as appealing as having a licensed professional slather the delightful lotions and potions all over your face and body, but if you are afraid to get a close contact service right now, we understand that too. So here is a list of steps for your own DIY at home facial.

You may have what you need, but if you don't schedule a free 10 Minute Chat with Alayne and she can set you up with the products you can use to get your skin and mind on the quick road to recovery.

I have created links to products if you need some suggestions, but please take a look in your cabinets first, you probably have just what you need to at least get you started.

AT HOME FACIAL ( this will take about 30 minutes or more if you want)

What You Will Need:

Set the Space: Music, cup of tea, change into comfy clothes, remove distractions if possible, put your phone somewhere out of sight. A journal or notepaper and a pen or pencil to jot some notes to you.

Bowl of hot water for removing cleanser and mask

Soft washcloth, a few towels

A mirror so you can see your face when you apply and remove the mask

Large bowl of steaming hot water and a large towel so that you can place it over your head for some old fashioned steaming

Products: Cleanser, exfoliant, toner, mask, massage oil for face, serum, eye cream, lip product, moisturizer, some fresh herbs or essential oil to add aroma to the steam water, hand cream.

Once you have everything in front of you and have some good music on, tea made, kids locked out of whatever room you are hiding in :) - add the herbs or the essential oil (or both) to the bowl of steamed water and over the bowl with a towel to keep the warmth and the aroma in. take a few deep breaths. I mean a few conscious deep breaths and really pay attention to the quiet.

After you make even the smallest connection with that voice inside of you, wash your face with your Cleanser especially paying attention to your hairline, around your ears and those places that get overlooked in your daily routine.

Follow with the Exfoliant. Don't scrub too hard. It may be easier to rinse this off rather than removing with a washcloth. Blot dry and feel the difference in your face. Smoother? Softer? Yep.

Spray with the Toner like you are walking through a beautiful garden. Inhale the aroma. Enjoy the moment.

Add herbs to apply Serum to face and neck, and place your face over the steam. Place the towel over your head to lock in the steam and breathe deeply. Close your eyes and enjoy the moment. 3- 5 minutes should be plenty.

Apply Face Oil and begin pressure points on your face. Temples, forehead, jawline, ears. Just go with your intuition. Feel how good you can make yourself feel. The power is within you.

Apply Eye Cream around the orbital bone of your eye area. Apply Lip Product. Apply Mask all over face and neck. Take a few more deep breaths and really pay attention to the tingly and joyous feelings in your face.

Apply Hand Cream and massage your hands with it. Again, just paying attention to what feels good. You know how to take care of you when you have the time. Enjoy this.

Close your eyes and take three nice deep breaths. Notice how you feel. Notice if your mind calms or energizes. Pay attention and just observe yourself.

Remove Mask with moistened towel, be gentle. Pat dry.

Spray Toner. Apply Eye Cream again if desired. Apply Serum, Apply Moisturizer.

Take a few deep breaths, write yourself a note on how you feel, date the top of the note, notice what came up, where your mind went. Or nothing. Just enjoy the moment that you just gave yourself.

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