How to Care For Your Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin is definitely a challenge for many people. As we age, you may even find your skin getting more sensitized. But what to do about it?

First of all, make sure your sensitive skin is not Rosacea. That may need a dermatologist's care. I am speaking today of reddened, aggravated skin, flaky, rough irritated, (not you, your skin:)

There are definitely some inside issues you may want to consider, dairy, spicy foods, red wine, shellfish can sometimes be a culprit. Not drinking enough water, drinking too much sugary things... you know the drill. This could be one of the issues and I don't like to gloss over the validity of what you put inside shows up on the outside. After all your skin is the largest organ and it is a miraculous messaging system to say, Hey, What's going on in here? Clean it up, you'll fee so much better!

Since I can't answer to your insides, I will just speak about the outsides for this brief post.

How you wash (or don't wash), what you wash with could be the first line of defense for less reddened skin. Letting hot water beat on your face in the shower though it feels so good is so bad for redness and irritation. It dehydrates and can cause irritation. Cup with water and use tepid water instead.

Using harsh soap can dry out and create an imbalance in your skin so changing your cleanser to something more gentle is also another easy change you can make.

Scrubbing, over scrubbing, roughhousing your delicate skin thinking you are cleaning it is a no-no. Stop this right now. Scrubbing is something to omit immediately and you may seen the redness disappear.

Not using enough moisturizer. Find a good one and stick with it. Dry flaky reddened skin needs soothing. Stay away from artificial fragrance and make sure you like the vibe of it. This is half the battle in improving your red skin.

Make sure if you have fair skin especially that you use a lightweight sunscreen every day. The sun can aggravate sensitive skin too, protect it.

If you need a good collection to get you started here is the link to the sensitive skin products we have. If you are not sure what to do, Schedule a Free 10 Minute Chat with Alayne and she will point you in the right direction.

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