New Beauty- At Home Facials

The beauty world has been turned upside down this past year forcing beauty professionals, for the first time in our lives, to really reconsider the future of in person close contact treatments.
Doing a facial on yourself may not be the same as coming into my own place of business, but if you find yourself staying away for now, in home facials and how to give yourself a facial will have to do.
Beauty boxes have become a thing for sure, but what I have felt with them is the lack of personalized care and attention for your particular skin. Sure it is fun to receive a box of beauty with all kinds of lotions and potions to try, to play with and experiment with, but how many of us actually use the entire collection?
Does it end up in your bathroom cabinet in the I'll save it for later pile because the alternative would be throwing it away and that seems so wasteful.
I would rather have to purchase products you need for an at home facial and have products you will actually use.This is why I came up with scheduling free chats so that you can have a proper consult with a licensed professional and get the box of beauty goodies made exclusively for you.
To me -this is beauty. Personalized care, expert advice and superior customer service delivered to your door with the considerations of a like minded person.
Sign up anytime for a chat. They are free and a great way to get your beauty routine set up for success, not the back of bathroom cabinet collecting dust.
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