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Are we open? YES. By appointment for now. Soon we will be adding outdoor experiences and an indoor shopping boutique. Stay tuned!

Can I purchase a gift card? We have decided to stop selling them until we get caught up on redeeming the ones out there.

Can I purchase products? A BIG AND HAPPY YES.

We pivoted quickly this year by creating a beautiful online store where you can easily shop, curbside pick up or delivery and continue to support a small but mighty business. Beauty is always changing. Beauty without the B.S.

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I love you for being such a courageous leader during this time, being the first to step out and set an example for others in your industry.
- Julia
So grateful for the lengths to which you and your employees go to encourage women to love and feel good about themselves.
Alayne is a brilliant businesswoman and friend... and one hell of a Coach and educator.
-Neil Ducoff, Owner Strategies
With a deep and highly successful background in nearly all aspects of the beauty business, Alayne White has established herself as an accomplished entrepreneur and a passionate business leader. But beyond that, Alayne helps others realize their fullest potential and promise s to help you achieve more in a partnership that will be honest, direct, and enriching in every way.
-Jerry Wenker, former CEO of Dermalogica & glo Skin Beauty
This world needs positivity in every way. You continuously exude this feeling of wonder in all you do. As a fellow businesswoman, your reinventions are epic.
-Maryellen S.
I am in awe of how you’ve been handling all of this. From being so thoughtful in doing what you feel is right for us, our clients, and your business, to keeping an open line of communication to sharing lighthearted humor and adorable fox videos. Grateful for all of you incredible, badass, rockstar goddesses.
-Susie B.
Thanks so much! Please keep doing the awesome IG reviews! The info you give is really informative. I think in general woman don't know much about their skin, especially as they hit menopause and move through the 50`s.
I love you for being such a courageous leader during this time, being the first to step out and set an example for others in your industry. On behalf of our families and community, thank you for always being so amazing.
Just a heartfelt THANK YOU for offering and then YouTubing me through my “Mother’s Day pedi-to-go”!! With your calming voice guiding me I just had the most relaxing and self-loving pedicure right here on my back deck! While taking stock of my abundance of gratitude, I need to let you know that YOU are one of the people I am truly grateful for!
After this article, I was reminded of the lengths to which you and your employees go to encourage women to love and feel good about themselves. As the article makes clear, self-love is key to our ability to love the others in our lives well. With gratitude and love for you and what you do.
I just think you’re awesome! You are my inspiration for my own spa industry. I have followed you for many years and of course received your services! I have just always loved your business model and everything you bring to our industry.
You and the whole staff at your beautiful spa have been in my mind in my heart all this time. I know it is your livelihood, but I know it is so much more than that for you as well. It’s a calling, a way of life. You have made that so clear, with your caring heart, generous spirit, and uplifting messages. What a source of inspiration you are! I admire you so much and I always have. Thank you for being a beacon of hope and perseverance and ingenuity at a time when it would be very easy to just roll over and give into the darkness.
Alayne White, in all her wisdom as a small business owner and skincare expert, starting offering online skin assessments and chats. We e-mailed back and forth, then had a Zoom session. She asked questions about my skin and recommended some items. I was able to pick up a few sets of samples at her contactless, curbside pickup, at my convenience, which was great! Alayne was very attentive to my skin sensitivities and allergies. I went through a couple of different samples, but she stuck with me! I love the fact that I don’t have to walk the length of a football field at Target or Ulta to find what I need. Thank you to Alayne for reinventing the wheel to help keep our skin beautiful and young.
-Kristin A.
This is fantastic, Alayne! I just placed an order and will continue to do so!
-Anna B.
Your services, and more importantly your team, are second to none. I can’t wait until your business is open again because there are no other places I personally want to go to so I will wait for the best.
-Mary J.
Thanks to your great instructions I was able to set everything up. Thanks so much for taking good care of so many!


My grandfather died. He was 103 and had an amazing life. He died peacefully in his home just like he wanted. I am at his beautiful Florida home as a self appointed organizer and have ended up staying for almost a month. It feels indulgent and a little bratty, but after this loss


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