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Perfect for gifting...or for keeping for yourself. Each box contains carefully selected products designed to inspire self care.

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Giving is good for the soul

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Every box is put together with the care and love like you made it yourself and each and every one of them is hand picked and jam packed with surprises and delights.

Alayne White Self Care

Self Care (Again)

If anyone understands self-care, it is me. I have no excuse to do anything other than self-care these days. I am mostly an empty nester; I mostly l...

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Alayne's Favorite Places Blog

Alayne's Favorite Places

With so much isolation from this damn virus, I wanted to reflect back a bit to places I supported this past 2021. In my attempt to have experiences...

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Alayne White Blog- Seeing What Sticks

Seeing What Sticks

If I had to define my business plan in three words for 2021, it would be SEEING WHAT STICKS. I tried a little and a lot of everything. So instead o...

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