Why Your Dry Skin Doesn't Mean You Need a Heavier Moisturizer

This is the time of year when your skin starts to speak loud and clear to you.

"Help!" It says. "I am drying up over here." Where is the thickest cream in your product bag of tricks?

This got me thinking about my own skin fast approaching 60, menopause in the rearview mirror and now I get to see what serious damage all that sun for my whole life has done.


But I don’t despair because I know that my drier skin is not just about slathering on a heavier moisturizer. Dry skin this time of year is not only solved by this seemingly simple solution. Dry skin is also a messaging system that gives you a chance to reevaluate so here are my tips for navigating your skin.

Dry Skin Tips

As our skin ages, the cellular turnover slows down to a snail’s pace. Why does this matter? Because our cells turning over are what give our skin the brightness, the freshness, and the tightness. As they slow, so does the stability, so we have to work harder at forcing cellular turnover.

Sometimes we want immediate gratification so we start slinging every serum we can at it praying for results that we haven’t really considered. We are in a reactive state as opposed to a planning state.

Reactive= reactive. You will not get the results you want if you are in panic mode.

Slow down and breathe.

This leads to one of my first more esoteric tips:


Take a few breaths, wish some people well, and send some good gratitude energy. This is the first start to remind you that what is happening inside of you has a lot to do with what shows up on the outside.


With the colder weather, protection is key. SPF and thicker, more barrier-protective skin care on those cold days make a big difference when you get back inside.


It is time to take a look at your routine. When your cells slow down, they build up, meaning they don’t slough off as quickly as that young skin you used to have.

This is all happening microscopically, so the best way to break through the muck is to EXFOLIATE. Notice I used the word, EXFOLIATE and not the S word (Scrub) because over-scrubbing can cause over-sensitized and vulnerable skin. As soon as the grit hits your face and your mighty fingers start their movement, human nature says, OH this feels so good, so clean, so fresh, so let’s scrub, scrub, scrub! NO! Resist the temptation.

This being said, dry skin does need exfoliation, or else all those slow-moving old cells just hang out and become free renters on your face. A gentle approach, sometimes mixing a little grit with your cleanser, a few times a week, can soften the blow. We love the pumpkin enzyme scrub mixed with HYDRA BRIGHT AHA CLEANSER or PHYTO ACTIVE ENZYME CREAM CLEANSER on occasion- it is like a double exfoliant, (not for sensitive skin though).

Another amazing product is the HYDRA BRIGHT PRO 5 LIQUID EXFOLIANT. This exfoliant is gentle for every skin type because it is a dissolving exfoliant. Remember that build-up I spoke about earlier? Well, this is the build-up fighter, breaking it all down so that when you put your serum and moisturizer on, it doesn’t have to fight for real estate anymore on your face. This, along with the use of a mask once a week, will really make a difference in allowing your skin to breathe better and absorb the weight of what you are trying to combat the dryness with.

If you are dry, here is what to do before you start buying up every heavy cream you can get your hands on.

  1. Wash your face every day when you get home.
  2. Incorporate an exfoliant a few times a week PUMPKIN ENZYME SCRUB or HYDRA BRIGHT PRO 5 LIQUID EXFOLIANT.
  3. Use a mask once a week in the shower (if you are on the lazy side) or as a full treatment leaving on for 10 minutes and doing some deep breathing for some good inside energy. We recommend the PHYTO FIRMING MASK OR CHARCOAL DETOX MASK.
  4. Follow with serum and moisturizer.


Once you follow this process consistently and your skin is happier, come in for a treatment if you are local. GREAT SKIN BEGINS AT HOME and treatments add to what you are already doing well.

Directions for an At-Home Dry Skin Busting Routine

1. Wash your face

2. Pat dry and sprinkle a few splashes of the HYDRA BRIGHT PRO 5 LIQUID EXFOLIANT into the palm of your hand and press into skin and neck. Leave on, do not rinse: This may feel a bit tingly.

If you are feeling bold, wait 30 seconds and repeat this step. It does a double whammy.

3. Apply a hardy coat of either mask, PHYTO FIRMING MASK OR CHARCOAL DETOX MASK. Leave for 5-10 minutes- try to put your phone down, stop multitasking for 10 minutes. Maybe even lie on your back and take 10 deep breaths. (I know, I’m probably asking for too much here, but a girl can dream:)

4. Remove with a soft lukewarm moist towel or splash off.

5. Dry your face and admire how great it looks and feels. Amazing! You did this, an at-home treatment.

6. Apply a thin layer of EGF Bio Renew Drops and press into skin

7. Follow with your moisturizer. We are loving the new EGF Cream, but Restorative Cream is great, so is HA Revive Hyaluronic Hydrator, a little lighter in weight, but because of this treatment you may find you need less weight.

8. Follow always with SPF Oil FREE 40, has been reformulated and is now mineral but still incredibly light.

Try this a couple times a week; it really revolutionizes your skin.

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