What Does Aging Skin Mean?

The only people that should be talking about about aging skin are the people who are really aging. I don’t know about you out there, but it is hard to take seriously advice from someone much younger than me on some social media outlet complaining about their “aging” skin,

I want to say, Talk to me when you cross over.

When you go through menopause, when all of the preventative tips that weren’t available to our generation are deep longings now. Prevention is what twenty or thirty somethings should be focusing on. If you are twenty or thirty and you have managed to get this far with little problems, buckle up and get on a routine.

When Should You Prepare for Aging?

Now is the time to prepare for aging. You are not part of the clan yet, but you will be and it will be here faster than your next birthday.

Twenty and thirty something skin should be getting on a routine that has some prevention products- Vitamin C in the morning and SPF every single day.

Washing your face 100% of the time every single night and eeeh-gads, use moisturizer, don’t drink soda, and stop smoking and baking in the sun.

If you think, oh it doesn’t matter, I’ll just get a fill or an injection later and throw cares to the wind, not so fast- your neck, your hands are dead giveaways. So prevent and protect now.

What Can We Do Now?

For the rest of us who wished we had these tips or if we did, we actually listened to them, there is still so much you can do.

Are the wrinkles going to go away? No. Never.

Wrinkles are part of life. They are part of your woes and worries, your laughter and smiles, your joys and jubilations. Just smile more and those wrinkles show themselves as the magnificent tattoos they are- your life’s work.

Lean in. You are a stunning being who is lucky to be alive.

Just wash your face.

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