Spring Time Clean

The other day, I hired my favorite organizer, Lisa Griffith, to come over to my business and help give me a fresh perspective on where to put all of the stuff. I have amassed quite a gift store, plus a skin and body care store, plus a typewriter collection and a gift box shipping and packing store. This combined with still needing the space to look beautiful for clients walking in to have peaceful treatments and it can turn out to be an organizer's nightmare.

Lisa was able to look around at my individual rooms and wave a magic wand with an abundance of ideas for finding homes and places for all of the things that make up Alayne White land.

Fresh Big Ideas

So for the last week, I have been excitedly moving and shaking each and every nook and cranny of my beautiful space to get it ready for all of my big ideas. I am excited.

This is what spring cleaning does to my soul. Excites and energizes.

I have now made my way to my own personal bathroom to assess the horror that has become my makeup drawer and skin and hair product space. Way too many things I don’t use have found their way to this sacred space.

spring cleaning- alayne white

I am purging the crap, the old stuff, I barely wear makeup now so why I have three mascaras and five eye shadows from over five years ago is beyond me.

Cleaning out my beauty cabinet is embarrassing when I put dollar values to each item, enough to likely buy a few months worth of groceries for sure, but I must realize that keeping this stuff is not good. Not good for my skin, my hair, or my mental state because every time I look at the quantity, I have negative feelings and who wants to start their day off that way?

Spring cleaning makeup

Besides getting rid of the old, spring is a great time for a good revisit of your beauty routine. Take the skin care quiz to make sure you are using the right products for your unique skin.

I am an expert at helping you de-clutter all the skin care items that have made their way into your drawers. Set up a free chat with me and I will help simplify your piles into something you can enjoy.

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