The Ultimate Guide to Facial Mask Benefits

This year, I have invited my small and mighty team to write guest posts. These very detailed and stellar tips on facial masks and how to use them are from Julie. Mask on!

Incorporating a facial mask into your routine 1-3 times a week can benefit anyone looking to step up their skin routine. Masking in the evening and making a ritual out of it tends to be more fun. How often you use it depends on the results you are trying to achieve.

If you are struggling with acne, trying to lighten pigmentation, looking to smooth texture, or battling super dry skin, use a facial mask more often- typically 2-3 times a week. If you have no consistent issues, once a week for a skin pick-me-up should do the trick.

Whether you are looking for a radiance booster before a special event, a super calming mask after a day of skiing or sunning, or a dual-action mask for clarification and smoothing, there are multiple options to choose from.

You can even multizone mask or layer one over the other if you are targeting more than one concern. Not sure which mask is for you? We have broken each one down for all skin concerns to help make it easier to choose which mask is suitable for you.

Minimalist Leave-On Facial Mask

Take your mask to bed with you.

If you are dry or dehydrated, Restorative Mask or Soothing Gel Mask is your go-to choice for nourishing and hydrating your skin.

After cleansing, mist your skin with a hydrating mist like HA-Revive Hyaluronic Mist for dry and dehydrated skin or Phyto-Calm Flower Mist for sensitive skin. While your skin is damp, apply a few drops of HA-Revive Hyaluronic Drops or Phyto-Calm Aloe Drops, then follow with a thin layer of mask. Head to bed. Your skin will be supple and refreshed in the morning.

Travel Leave-On Facial Mask

These facial masks are great to wear under your SPF before a long flight! If it is a night flight, skip the SPF. You can apply a thin layer of the Soothing Gel Mask on top of the Restorative Mask if you are dry and dehydrated. A pea size of both will do if layering.

Weather Leave-On Facial Mask

Too much sun or wind? Pop your mask in the fridge for a cooling effect. Soothing Gel Mask can be used over dry lips, and eyes area too! Apply a pea size of Soothing Gel Mask first, then layer the same amount of Restorative Mask on top.

Julie's Tip for Leave-On Facial Mask

If the product is balling up on your skin, you've used too much. Go over your skin with a dry towel to wipe off any excess. If you are a full-face liquid or cream foundation wearer, I suggest not wearing the mask as it would most likely ball up due to too many layers of product. Powder formulas should be fine.

Multitasker Facial Mask

If you are looking to treat more than one skincare concern, choose either the Charcoal Detox Mask or Phyto-Calm Enzyme Mask. If you are oily or have acne, the Charcoal Detox Mask is a tremendous in-shower skin treatment.

Packed with deep cleansing clays for those pesky blackheads, tea tree oil to soothe inflamed acne, charcoal, and gentle jojoba spheres to exfoliate, this mask is sure to leave your skin feeling fresh and clean. Use 1-3 times a week for best results.

Sensitive Skin Multitasker Facial Mask

Phyto-Calm Enzyme Mask is a great sensitive skin multitasker facial mask. This uses gentle fruit enzymes to exfoliate and calm skin. This is for when your skin cannot handle a granular exfoliant. Don't let the calm in the title fool you! This mask will reveal a calmer and more radiant complexion no matter what skin type you have. All skin can benefit from this mask.

This one is also a great mask to sleep in for those that want a little extra oomph without the sensitivity. After cleansing, follow with Phyto-Calm Flower Mist, add 2 drops of Phyto-Calm Aloe Drops to the mask, apply a thin layer, and hop in bed. If you are rinsing the mask off, you will cleanse, mask, rinse, mist, and serum, then apply moisturizer.

Julie's Tip For Multitasker Facial Mask

Let the mask do the work. After cleansing, apply a thin layer and let the mask penetrate while you finish your shower. Before getting out of your shower, add water to your fingertips and gently massage the skin just enough to move the beads around without pressure. Rinse skin, wipe your skin with one Beta-Clarity Complexion Pad, follow with 2 drops of Beta-Clarity BHA Drops, and top with Oil Free Moisturizer.

Special Occasion Facial Mask

Every time I use the Phyto-Active Firming Mask, my skin thanks me. I'm left with a slight tightening sensation (more of a plump tightness, not a dry tightness) with a luminous glow and SUPER soft skin. This is not just a special event mask, but I always recommend it to those that need a confidence boost.

If you are oily or acne prone, I recommend skipping this mask and choosing the "Mask for All." Follow the steps for that in place of this one.

Julie's Tip For A Joyful Special Occasion Facial Mask

After cleansing with either Phyto-Active Enzyme Cream Cleanser or Hydra-Bright AHA Cleanser, mist with HA-Revive Hyaluronic Mist, mix 2-3 drops of Phyto-Active Oil Conditioning Drops into Phyto-Active Firming Mask, and apply to skin. I recommend using a mask brush for the full spa experience.

Grab yourself a cup of tea and a book (or your favorite drink), and find a place where you can be left uninterrupted. Spend the next 10-30 minutes doing something for you. Stretching with relaxing music, cuddled in your favorite spot, reading in your nook, relaxing in your tub - you get what I mean.

After giving yourself some time, grab a clean hand towel and run the faucet until it is hot. Roll up your towel by folding it in half lengthwise first, then rolling from one end to the other. Soak your towel with the hot water and squeeze out excess. Now fold the towel in half widthwise.

Press and hold a warm towel onto your face, gently pressing until the warmth of the towel cools. Use that side of the towel to remove the mask. Flip the towel over to the other side and repeat removal until the mask is off.

Mist with the HA-Revive Mist 3-6 pumps. Apply 2-3 drops of my favorite product (Bio-Renew EGF Drops) or 1 pump of Phyto-Active Firming Serum, then follow with either HA-Revive Hyaluronic Hydrator or Hydra-Bright AHA Hydrator. Now admire your soft and dewy skin!

Multizone Facial Mask

This is an excellent option for combination skin with an oilier T-zone and dryer cheeks. If you have clogged pores in your forehead, nose, and chin: Cleanse with either Hydra-Bright AHA Cleanser or Purifying Gel Cleanser, swipe half a Beta-Clarity Complexion Pad all over skin, mix 2 drops Beta-Clarity BHA Drops into Charcoal Detox Mask and apply to forehead, nose, and chin.

Apply Soothing Gel Mask to the rest of skin. Let sit 10-15 minutes. Remove by wetting your fingertips and gently moving fingers around your face to exfoliate all areas. Rinse the mask off. Use other half of Complexion Pad all over skin. Follow with either Oil Free Moisturizer if you are oily or Hydra-Bright AHA Hydrator if you are combo to dry.

Super Simple Facial Masking Routine

If you want a more basic mask routine without the extras, wash your face, then apply the facial mask. Let sit 10 mins then rinse off and apply moisturizer or sleep with it on if it's a sleeping mask.

Ramped Up Facial Masking Routine

If you want to add another step, add Hydra-Bright Pro 5 Liquid Exfoliant after cleansing and patting skin dry. Shake a dime-sized amount into the palm of your hand. Press hands together, then press into your skin. Let dry. Apply a targeted serum and follow with mask of choice. If using a sleeping mask, hop in bed. If not, wait 15 minutes. Rinse skin. Mist 3-6 pumps, apply targeted serum, and follow with moisturizer and SPF if daytime or skip SPF if using at night.

Morning Facial Mask Routine

If you are better with a morning routine you can tweak a few things to make it easy for you. The Phyto-Active Firming Mask and Charcoal Detox Mask would need to be rinsed off first, then apply mist, serum, moisturizer, and SPF. Otherwise, the rest of the masks must be topped off with SPF.

Julie's Facial Mask Routine Tip

Hydra-Bright Pro 5 Liquid Exfoliant is for all skin types, but if you tend to be oily or acne prone, swap this one for the Beta-Clarity Pro 5 Liquid Exfoliant. This one focuses more on clarifying and breakouts but is used similarly.

If you are still unsure which mask is suitable for you, we are here to help you. There are many options for quick skin treatments or longer, more relaxing treatments if you need that too. For those with a short time, choose from any of our Skin Goal Treatments. These are 30-minute skin-focused services that offer many benefits depending on what your goal is for your skin. These work best when done regularly when you want to see results.

Some more extended options if you want massage are our 45-minute treatments. All come with advanced exfoliation and some massage. If you need extractions, I recommend the Detox Facial. You can always add more time if you want an extra massage with this one.

When you need mainly relaxation but want some bam for your skin, you can add a peel to most services. Many different forms of exfoliation can be tailored to even the most sensitive skin.

Book your treatment using our link. If you would rather chat with us about a new skin routine before you come in for a service, you can do that here by clicking the chat box.

We are happy to help guide you to your new and improved skin.

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