How to Choose a Skin Care Line

Choosing a skin care line can be a complicated process. Not all skin care products are created equal and besides ingredients, sizes available, cost, professional sizes, marketing and customer service all add into the equation.

Since opening my business in 2000, I have been through several lines of skin care. What I have learned is that there is no one size fits all when it comes to skin care systems. I also know I can’t be all things to all people.

The main skin care line I have been carrying for over five years is Glo Skin Beauty.

Why Do I Recommend Glo Skin Beauty?

How to choose a skin care line

Of all the skin care products I have worked with in my thirty-five year career, this skin care system is the line I have seen the highest level of results with its regular use.

Whether you want to keep your routine simple with just a great cleanser and moisturizer or you want to go full throttle with serums and all of the bells and whistles of a more step inclusive system, I have seen transformative results.

It takes a lot to blow my mind when it comes to skin products and Glo perpetually blows my mind.

What Is Different About Glo Skin Beauty?

They have made a lot of significant changes to their ingredient list and cleaned out anything that does not serve. Glo has never tested on animals. The products are free from parabens, mineral oil, are almost fully vegan. They are consciously and constantly striving to make the cleanest product without sacrificing effectiveness.

Clean, healthy skin care with clean healthy ingredients is important, but results are too, especially if the goal is to use a great line instead of heading to the plastic surgeon or getting injections. Though this line works beautifully alongside of these choices, too.

I have yet to see a fully organic skin care line work at the level that Glo works and sometimes the activity found in essential oils can be as strong if not stronger in irritating a skin that is not used to being activated.

There are many skin care lines out there though and there is something for everyone. My choice right now is mostly Glo. My personal skin care routine is below, with an occasional spritz of Lavender Mist from Jurlique and always Dermalogica's Protection 50 Sport, proving that mixing a little here and there to get the perfect outcome can sometimes be a good thing.

Skin Care Is Changing

What I have seen these past two years is a surge in the desire for better and simpler routines. Perhaps it is because of all of the Zoom calls where, for the first time in our careers, we are finally seeing the importance of great skin as a priority, rather than hair and fashion. I have thoroughly enjoyed doing Skin Chats and deep virtual dives into the plethora of products that have landed in your bathrooms.

I have designed skin care quizzes that, though they got off to a rocky start pretty much not recommending the correct number of products, we now have it straight so you can get a great recommendation. (So give it another try, learning curves daily)>

What I know is that we are confused about what to use and how and when to use it. When we add the information overload from social media, it is no wonder. What I have been reminded of more than anything during these last two years is my deepest love of service and connecting with like minded clients who trust my advice. Trust is what you get when you set up a chat with me. I will never oversell you. I will always keep your routine as simple as you want it to be and I will always try to get you to use up what you have first.

This is my promise. Set up a chat anytime. And if Zoom isn’t your thing, there is a chat box on the website and you can start a conversation there or you can email beauty@alaynewhite.com or text 401-254-1772 and we can set up a FaceTime call or even a live in person visit if that’s your preference.

I am here for you to help get your skin in the best shape possible, to help you find the right products so that your skin is in good balance and when you look in the mirror you feel the love back.

Alayne’s Personal Skin Profile and Routine

Age: 57 on March 15th this year

Type of skin: Dry, noticing more lines as I get older (which is exactly what is supposed to be happening- hence why its called aging).

How do I like my skin to look and feel?

Hydrated, luminous and with some shine, soft and smooth to the touch.

How much time am I willing to spend?

These days, whatever it takes- haha, but what I know about myself is like a good eating plan or workout schedule, the first few days are always the toughest in getting acclimated to a new habit, but once the routine sets in, it is a breeze.

Do I wash my face at the end of my day 100% of the time?

YES. I repeat. YES. One piece of advice you will always hear from me is the importance of this step. Don’t bother with a detailed routine if you are not going to commit to wash your face at the end of your day.


  1. Splash with water (always lukewarm, never hot as it causes sensitivity and I am sensitive enough these days)
  2. Half Dropper of Bio Renew EGF Drops (This is a skin strengthener like no other)
  3. Half Dropper of Phyto Conditioning Oil Drops
  4. Restorative Cream
  5. Dermalogica Protection 50 Sport when I am headed out for a walk or bike ride


  1. Cleanse. Lately I have been using Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Cleanser. I call this a meat and potatoes cleanser, basic no bells and whistles, but if I want to add some treatment power to my cleanser and am not relying on it for a makeup remover, I use Glo Phyto Active Enzyme Cleanser.
  2. 3-4 nights per week, I apply 1-2 layers of Hydra Bright Liquid Exfoliant.

This product prepares the skin for the serums making sure to give a blank slate for ultimate absorption.

  1. Half Dropper of Bio Renew EGF Drops. (This is a skin strengthener like no other)
  2. Half Dropper of Phyto Conditioning Oil Drops
  3. Phyto Active Face Cream (if I don’t want to use 2 different creams, I will substitute Restorative Cream, but this high level face cream is really mind blowing. It is a huge price difference though so if you are trying to keep it reasonable stay with Restorative Cream.

1-2 times per month I try to remember to give myself a facial and a foot soak.


Get a large bowl that is big enough to hold your feet comfortably and fill with hot water. Be sure to have a few towels ready to place your feet on after you take your feet out of the water.

Add a few squirts of Jurlique Shower Gel and a bath bomb.

Get all face products close by- along with a mirror and for goodness sake, try not to have a magnifying mirror- just a regular one.

Make sure you are in some comfortable clothes and try to leave your phone in a different room on silent.

Put some good music on or a favorite movie. Lately I have been listening to Gaelic music by Julie Fowlis.

Headband your hair off your face.

I use a washcloth with a bowl of water to remove the mask, but if I am lazy about this, I will just go to the sink and remove it there when it is time.

Using the products I use every day on my skin and just adding a mask, I can give myself a nice at home facial.

  1. Cleanse with cleanser
  2. Apply Hydra Bright Liquid Exfoliant
  3. Apply Bio Renew EGF Drops to face
  4. Mix dropper full of Phyto Conditioning Oil Drops into Phyto Active Firming Mask and apply to face and neck. If I have extra I apply to my décolleté or back of hands.
  5. While this is sitting on my face, I put my feet in the water.

I try to take as many deep breaths as my patience allows. I aim for 11. It amazes me how much my brain wanders. But I persevere because I feel so great when I do this.

Sometimes I will put on a meditation app, my latest fave is WAKING UP. They have a free 7 day trial.

  1. I take my feet out of the water, dry them off and just sit for a moment noticing the different way I feel from this simple act.
  2. Remove mask.
  3. Dry face and apply Bio Renew EGF Drops to face and neck.
  4. Apply another few drops of Phyto Conditioning Oil.
  5. Apply Restorative Cream or Phyto Active Face Cream.

I always sit for a few more minutes before I start cleaning up as I like to gift myself a few extra breaths to remind me how easy it is to take care of myself when I give myself some time. This whole shin-dig takes less than fifteen minutes or more if I add a manicure or hair conditioning treatment, but I don’t do this nearly as much as I think about doing this.

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