The Moving Parts of Business

There are a lot of moving parts to my new business model that I have written about these past two years. Everything has changed in the business of high touch. Change is fluid. Things are supposed to change. Nothing is stagnant in nature, why should it be in a service business?

Besides the online ecommerce store I have added, there are elements of this that I keep adding, playing with, and am having a ball doing it.

I bound out of bed with a zest and enthusiasm for fitting the endless ideas into some semblance of puzzle so that it makes sense and has a sense of order, but I also realize that there is never going to be a big checkmark that says COMPLETE next to much of this.

Standing Isn't Good Enough

I am breathless, but I am tireless, not tired. I am not even exhausted. I am energized because I see so much potential in a business model I never really thought about until March 13, 2020.

And HERE I AM. I have found myself saying recently that I AM STILL STANDING.

I don’t want to say this anymore. Standing isn’t good enough. I have risen and am still rising. This is what nature does when it awakens from its dormancy.

Of all of the moving parts of my website, there are a few I want to draw attention to in hopes you will recognize and take part in them in whatever way you can. Every purchase you make and every interaction you have with my website helps support my small and mighty business.

When you choose my site over a large conglomerate, you are helping a small business grow in ways I never imagined before MARCH 2020. Should you ever see some type of promotion on another site for the same product, please don’t hesitate to ask me to match it. I may not be able to, but I also want your business and am happy to work with you so we can work together. This is my commitment.

Skin Care Quiz

We introduced a skin care quiz a few months back and had quite a few bumps in the road. It is now cleaned up, ready to provide you with the answers to your questions.

It has choices of 3, 4 or more products so you can keep your skin care routine as simple or full throttle as you wish. TAKE THE QUIZ even if it is just curiosity- I am curious about your experience when you do. Email me what your vibe is and I will send you a gift for doing so.

Product Subscriptions

I don’t know about you, but when I am faithful to my routine, I don’t want to run out of my basics- cleanser or moisturizer. Do you ever pump the last squirt and realize at that moment you don’t have a back up? Subscription service to the rescue. It is a true "set it and forget it" way to have product sent to you in whatever time you want and you save by signing up. I am trying to get 100 people subscribed by June 30. Can you be part of the party and sign up for automatic shipping so you never in out? When you sign up for a subscription service from me, you can cancel at anytime, you can change the time, and I send a lot of fun little goodies along too.

Sign up, try it out. This is set up to be an act of convenience so that your routine never misses a beat.

I have a few people signed up, just need a few more. All cleansers and moisturizers have the option to sign up right now, just head to the one you use regularly and order there.

Custom Gift Boxes

Lastly I have found my groove and my deep love of service in hand curated custom gift boxes. I absolutely love making them to send to the people you love giving them to.

When you order a custom gift box here is what happens:

I send you an email immediately with some basic questions about the recipient so I can intuitively gather my own data and create a box they will love. Here is what some people have said about them.

Order one here, the rest of the work is up to me.

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