Inside the Skin Care Routine of an Esthetician

"What do you use on your skin, Alayne?"

“Alayne, your skin looks amazing!” “You have no wrinkles!” I hear this constantly and it seriously makes me laugh aloud.

I have plenty of wrinkles, plenty of age spots, plenty of menopausal sag. I am intentionally lazy about a serious routine because I am like some of you — lazy skin routine kind of gal.

I think that people think that because I am a licensed expert in my field for over 35 years, I do my skin perfectly. That would be like a personal trainer never eating a bag of chips or a cool glass of white on a hot summer day—we are human first.

Everyone’s approach to skin is different just like everyone’s skin is different. Everyone’s expectations about skin is different. This is why I always ask a simple question - how do you want your skin to look? To feel? Before we can move to the land of better skin, we have to draw the map to get there and if I don’t know what your destination is, I can’t help be your guide along the rocky road of more is not always better.

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So this month I decided to go full throttle and instead of my lazy chic’s routine of only using cleanser and moisturizer and occasionally a toner and a serum, I would do every step that Gloskinbeauty deems worthy of an ideal routine.

So I went from a daily routine of 2 steps to a daily routine of 5-6 steps and I wanted to answer this question:

Does it make a difference so large that it is worth the time and the money?

Let’s face it, we spend a lot of our hard earned money on skin products hoping (and often praying) they are going to reverse all of the results of our previous bad habits.

We seldom ask ourselves what we are hoping to accomplish.

So when I asked myself this question, “Alayne, what are you hoping to accomplish?” my answer was as follows:

  • Smoother and more radiant skin
  • Less tight feeling
  • Luminous
  • Brighter, softer feeling skin

Is that too much to ask out of our routines?

It better not be if I am asking you to spend over $500 on a skin care line and your commitment to spend time (yes before bed when you least likely want to).

My New Skin Care Routine

So here is what I did and I will also let you know that I made some course corrections along the way. If you work with me I do this. Sometimes it is a little trial and error at first attempt, I exchange products, I give generous samples, I check in with you because I want to make sure that you are getting what you need. You don’t get this from all of those infomercials, walk in superstores, and social media recommendations. I am a licensed expert in the field of skin care. I not only know skin, but even better, I know how you think about yours. I can mind meld (well not really, but I do have excellent skintuition.)

Here is my most recent skin fitness plan I put myself on just to prove that all the bells and whistles make a major difference worthy of the skinvestment. In this case, I would wholeheartedly say "Yes." I noticed a huge difference. When I am done with my plan, will I continue, I would say yes. My skin is aging rapidly now that I am post menopausal and truth be told I am actually starting to freak out a bit. (Not enough though to give up the beach, so I guess I am not freaking out that much:)

Step One- PM

I always start with pm because if you are not willing to wash your face when you get home from your day, then don’t bother spending much money. This is the most important step of your whole routine.


Wash with Intensive Moisture Cleanser by dermalogica - $62

Pro 5 Liquid Exfoliant by glo- $56

Let sit for about 20 seconds.

Spray with Rosewater Balancing Mist Toner by Jurlique- $42

2x per week Retinol + Resurfacing Serum by glo ( I don’t use the pro 5 when I know I am going to use this a little too much bang)- $78

Phyto-Active Conditioning Oil Drops- $62

Phyto-Active Face Cream- $150

Step One- AM

Splash with water.

Rosewater Toner (see above)

(I should be using anti pollution drops here, but I just couldn’t bring myself to use 3 different serums every day.)

HA-Revive Hyaluronic Drops- $84

Phytoactive conditoning oil drops (see above)

Insert sunscreen of choice here. Oil Free SPF40 is a great product for a lightweight daily moisturizer.- $38

So there you have it- my new skin care routine.

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