Town Farm Tonics

Town Farm Tonics- 2 flavors - Elderberry OR Fire Cider


Locally made by a rocking superchick herbalist and rockstar. This is a great addition to your daily intake.

Elderberry  8 OZ. BOTTLE

Delicious addition to your water, your tea, or a shot to help balance your soul and feel like you are drinking a garden. Also great over some ice cream.

Your insides should be pretty too.

contents: local wildflower honey, water, apple cider vinegar*, elderberries*, ginger* rose hips*, cinnamon,* nettles*, elderflower*   (*organic)

Fire Cider 8 OZ.BOTTLE

A shot of this and your nose and throat feel so awesome. This is a wake up call for your insides. Also great to add to water if you can't handle a direct hit.. yet. contentsapple cider vinegar*, local raw wildflower honey, horseradish*, red onion*, garlic*, ginger*, rosemary*, thyme*, peppermint*, cayenne*  (*organic)

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