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Garden Gift Box


I found these adorable pots that have typed cute sayings on them, add some soil and a few seeds and spring is transported early right before your very window inside.

I created these adorable little garden gift boxes to send to someone you love.

What you receive is:

  • A really cute clay pot
  • A bag of dirt that fits perfectly in the pot (all they have to do is pour it)
  • A package of seeds ( some for now, some for later when we can finally get outside or for another pot that may be lying around)
  • A pair of disposable gloves (in case someone you love doesn’t want to get there hands dirty.:)
  • A 1 oz bottle of organic hand and body oil
  • A great pair of clippers for all that cutting
  • A package of flower tea because why not drink beauty while we are making it?
  • a sample of sunscreen

So cute and such a nice way to send someone you love a random gift that they will love and enjoy for some serious seasonal happiness.

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