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Box for New Mamas


Moms. Moms are the strongest baddest asses. We get shit done. But new mamas  often think, out of the gate, they are supposed to have it all figured out. No matter how much new moms or soon to be moms hear unsolicited advice, they usually think, "oh how sweet, but that won't be me..."

This box is really designed to help moms realize that perfection is bullshit. It includes little nuggets of happy put together by a 23 year mom veteran, me. I knows moms. This is a great gift to send along to brighten the exhaustion for all new moms. 

INCLUDES (This photo is just a generic one for now, stay tuned for update)

The cutest onesie (I will check in with sizing)

Body care items for mom when she has to take a shower in less than 3 minutes

Chocolate (for obvious reasons)

Eye Gel Patches for mom 

Organic Jojoba oil for baby

Buddha Bank for good financial karma

Organic Chamomile tea for mama at those late night feedings

A Wonder Woman Mug or some cool mug that is inspiring and fun

A notebook to write about the never ending mental chatter

Hand and body wash in Lavender or Citrus

Hand Typed Note with a cool quote and whatever words you want to say

A few extra goodies along with each item wrapped with hand typed notes explaining the intention of the gift too.

Shipping cost not included but can be shipped anywhere in the US.

Please allow four days for item to be curated and mailed.  

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