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Angel Blessings - Rox Box - 8 pack


Are you looking to overcome obstacles, progress in your grief or spiritual journey, or gain guidance during a challenging time? If so, the Angel Blessings Rox Box will bring you the comfort you seek. The Angel Blessings Collection 8 Pack supports hope, peace, love, happiness, support, guidance, protection, and healing. Makes a great gift for anyone who could use some extra blessings in their life. 

Product Description

This beautifully packaged Angel Blessings box includes:

  • (2) infinite
  • (2) selenite
  • (2) celestite
  • (2) apophyllite

Each stone is labeled/identified with a picture of the crystal & the intention on the back of the box. Each crystal is about the size of a quarter and fits inside a 1 inch x 1 inch slot in each crystal tray. 

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