Alayne White

Private Events and Retreats Customized Just For You


There is something about a collective group of friends getting together with the purpose of community. Instead of heading to a place where you may not know the people you are retreating or taking a workshop with. Friends, moms and daughters, sisters, hanging out in a beautiful space. What could be better than that?

$35.00 deposit to get the conversation started; the fee will be applied towards the event when we finalize the date!

The Possibilities are Endless!

  • Writing Retreats
  • Art Classes
  • Paint and Eat
  • Yoga or Barre Class in the Garden
  • Herbal Foot Soaks in the Garden
  • Flower Arranging
  • Cooking Classes
  • Wine Tastings and Craft Cocktail Making
  • Overnight weekend retreats
  • Host Your Book Group
  • Author Talks
  • Makeup Classes
  • Reinventing Your Personal Space
  • Journaling
  • Vision Boards
  • Dream Boards
  • Lunch and Spa Treatments
  • Guided Walks and Bike Rides
  • Picnics and Kayaking
  • Business Retreats
  • Mastermind Groups
  • Wellness Weekends
  • Self Care Retreats
  • Let's Talk Menopause
  • Makeovers for Grownups

Contact Alayne directly to set up the perfect customized retreat for you and your superchick friends. Once you purchase, Alayne will contact you promptly. Please be sure that your phone number AND email is included in the order.

p. 401-575-6670 


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