Why I Love Tinted Moisturizers

I think tinted moisturizer is one of the greatest inventions. Tinted moisturizer helps even out a ruddy or uneven complexion without looking like you have make up on and the weight of it is light enough that it won’t feel like you do either.

It is a trifecta product that offers:

  • Sheer tint
  • Sunscreen
  • Oil free moisturizing element for those who don’t like the weight of a heavier product in their morning routine

When I feel like I want my skin to look a little less uneven (as this seems to be one of the side effects of post menopause), I blast a tint on and voila, my skin looks smooth and even. Often when a company makes a tint that is superior and we fall in love with it as a staple in our daily routine, the company decides to screw with it. I have seen this happen on many occasions with other companies and it frustrates the consumer. It seems that these beauty companies make these changes from their ivory towers and business owners like me and my team are forced to be on the front lines navigating the annoyances.

Glo Moisturizing Tint

Glo recently did this with a staple product, Moisturizing Tint SPF30+, their top selling tinted moisturizer which came in only four colors. The lack of color choices needed a face lift. They learned that the downside to the limitations in shades was the obvious- clients either couldn’t be matched with a shade or had to blend two to get the right one. So in their quest for constant improvement, they reformulated and cleaned up the product so they can now claim VEGAN status and the shade matching is a vast improvement.

I was little apprehensive when I saw their changes, but after playing with this new shade selection and the improved formula, Glo does it again.

To make it easier, here is a chart and I am happy to help match the right color with a virtual chat or in person.

Glo Tinted Moisturizer

Tinted moisturizer is good for everyone to have in their bag of tricks. Get yours today.

If you can’t imagine living without the old formula, I stocked up on them, so you can buy a few here for the back up you want to have (that I know you are freaking out about). I get you.

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