With the exception of lipstick, I haven’t worn makeup for a long long time.

When I say, makeup, I mean the totality of the bells and whistles we use to add color, even out redness, lengthen our lashes, line our eyes and all of the other little pots of color we play with on our faces to make us feel…you fill in the blanks.

I had a rough November, I just couldn’t get out of my own way as I wrote about in my blog Finding Myself Again.

I have certainly learned since 2020 that I need to be in an inspired state more often than not or else I find myself sitting on the couch wondering about the point of it all.

I have learned that my dark spots are often self inflicted- the cumulative effects of too often 6:00pm cocktails after a long day, scoops of ice cream after dinner more frequently and within a few weeks, there is a fogginess that takes over my brain.
I have written about it for most of my writing life, sugar and alcohol are so fun going down, but they cause havoc on my creative spirit. November was when it finally caught up with me.
When I finally came out of my hole of a month, it was like I had awakened from a slumber I hadn’t known I was in. I know that at times in my life, the dark spots lead to an idea. 

I started getting dressed up in my new CK Bradley wardrobe thanks to Leah, a superb saleswoman who understood my wardrobe challenges in a minute and basically changed my outlook on life.

Clothes can do this, and so can makeup.

When I decided to play dress up again, makeup came along for the ride. I cleaned up my makeup drawer thanks to the brilliance of Lisa Griffith, organizing genius, and Jill Marinelli’s sage advice on clothing closet set up. Using their bag of tricks and my expertise on keeping it simple and more important- fun- I made a 360 degree change in my life.

Clothes and makeup can make such a difference in the way we show up in the world.

When I had my son, I found myself toggling between worlds of fashion, how do I dress as a new mom and still dress hip and fun? It was a clothing turning point.

Headed into my sixties has been similar. Certainly the 2020 experience didn’t help our clothing closets, but when I put on new clothes that random holiday shopping weekend at CK Bradley, there was a noticeable shift in my entire vibe.

Powerful. And from this shift, THE GROWNUP MAKEUP LESSON was born. This new service is about your own shift. It is about looking in your mirror and saying, What do I want? What do I need as I move into ….. another decade, another life change, another something.

The GROWNUP MAKEUP LESSON solves the problem I hadn’t realized existed until I looked at myself in my own mirror.

What are your traditional options for makeup advice?

- Department Stores of yesteryear are now a morgue when it comes to the feeling of heading for advice, totally depressing these days.
-The big box cosmetic stores are overwhelming and filled with young people giving advice that is based on sales and the latest and greatest fads that certainly don’t fit into our grownup lifestyles.
-Drug Stores where you left on your own to determine if the colors hidden behind the packaging will be the right ones when you take them out of the boxes.
-Online or even worse, social media where you can’t even hold a package in your hand to see the color close up or if the packaging even feels good in your hands.

Most of these places don’t require a license. I am licensed in esthetics, like my entire team.

We have permission and the credentials to touch your face, to give you advice on products because we are trained and professionally licensed to do so.
I had a lightbulb moment.

Where do you go?

To me! I am not only an expert in beauty without the bs, but I am an expert in reality. I have been in the beauty business my entire life. Since my first makeover when I was 12 years old and that is a long time.


Sage advice is what we need these days as we are swamped by the mess that is now the beauty business.

Make your appointment today. What are you waiting for?

Zoom or in person, but in person is way more fun if you can.



And by the way, if you are in Providence or across the bay, you can take the ferry for free. 11 Constitution is only 2 blocks from the ferry stop! It is a fun way to make a day for yourself, avoid the 195 situation and see our beautiful bay the best way, on it!

Here are some answers to questions you may have:

Will I have to buy all new makeup?

OMGOODNESS No. I am here to help you sift through the abundance and help you simplify your routine. If anything, I prefer to show you how to use what you have so you can use it up, that being said, sometimes clients want to start fresh, so I have plenty of great Glo Makeup to choose from.

Can I show you what I am currently doing and get your advice?
YES. I love helping you gain a new perspective.

What if I have plenty of my own makeup but it just sits there because I have no idea what to do with some of the colors I was oversold on at one of those cosmetic stores?
One of my favorite ways to help you sift through the piles, bring it along (or if it is too much, snap some pics and we can take a look together).

Do you have evening appointments?
If my schedule doesn’t fit yours, just send me a message and I am sure we can find a time that will work for you.

How long will it take?
I allow 45 minutes, but sometimes it takes a little longer because the chick chat is so fun.

How much does it cost? $65 for a one on one session. $95 for a private session (when the store is closed)

Can I bring a friend?
You sure can, you just need 2 appointments so just schedule one after the other.

Can you do this as a private event for a group?
YES! Super fun way to have a chick party. I can do these for 2-6 people privately and it can include some apps and some drink too. Just send me a message 401-254-1772 or reply to this blog post and I will respond. I usually offer these on Mondays + Tuesdays during the day or Thursdays + Friday evenings.  

Can you do this for large groups?
YES. I am available for large events as a guest speaker. Simply reply to this email or call me at 401-254-1772 and I can help you plan a great meeting or event.

My skin has really changed since I have aged, can you help me with my skin too?
This is my expertise. I have been a licensed esthetician for almost forty years. I understand skin, but more important, I understand habits and reality when it comes to skin care at home.

Here is what my last two clients had to say:


From Victoria: It’s awesome! You should so it, Thank you Alayne for a great time and wonderful advice.

From Christina: An amazing experience! Alayne just knows what will work and what won’t, and her warm, honest and open aura make the experience that much better!! Do something for yourself and book this-aside from learning what works on my skin now, it put me in an amazing state of mind. The BEST way to start the year! Thank you Alayne!!!❤️

Schedule your appointment today.

4 pictures of before and after with no makeup and then makeup on a woman

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