What is Skin Cycling and Why You Should Try It.

This blog post was written with the stellar help of one of our Skin Experts, Julie Bird. Schedule a consultation in person or virtually if you need some solid advice and skin care recommendations to get your skin on the right track.

What is the Idea of Skin Cycling?

For years, Dermatologists have been creating skin regimens for patients and estheticians have been designing skin care routines for their clients. These all have the intention of creating a plan of action in caring for specific skin types, conditions or concerns.

When people decide to make changes to their skin, it can be overwhelming with all the information out there, especially now that social media has such a sweeping influence on younger generations and hungry consumers.

In this blog, Julie will be talking about the Tik Tok Trend called skin cycling.

The term is recent, but the act of skin cycling is not and skin cycling has been seen enough to catch the eye of many followers thinking this is a new idea. Many old ideas become new again with changing the words around, a trend begins.

What is an Example of a Basic Skin Cycling Routine?

We like to think of Skin Cycling like a workout for the skin. The idea behind skin cycling is four days of treatment, three days of rest. Spend most of the week focusing on changing the skin, followed by a few days of repairing the skin's barrier. This way you don't overdo your exfoliation, retinoids, and potent treatment serums which can cause inflammation and sensitized skin when clients are heavy handed with them. More is not always better.

An example of a basic skin cycling routine:

Cleanse, exfoliate (preps skin for the retinol step the next night), moisturizer.


Cleanse, retinol serum, moisturizer.


Cleanse, moisturize (YES- that's it-the goal here to to hydrate and nourish skin).


Cleanse, moisturize (another night of rest for your skin to repair its barrier).







This system creates a "cycle.”

Is This All Just Another Fad?

Like finding the best food and exercise for your health, skin care is not a fad. The best and most effecitve routines are built over time, launched with the help of a licensed expert- Skin care, much to the chagrin of so many clients, is not a one and done. Skin Cycling may be a more effective approach to introducing your skin to new products or for a specific skin concern you may want to focus on. Experts are the best place to start so that you and your skin can work together to find a routine that fits your expectations, your lifestyle and your budget.

How Many Products Do I Need for Skin Cycling To Work?

The above is only a basic example and can be tweaked and changed depending on season, skin goals, and sensitivity levels. Clients may want to add more products to really target something specific they want to work on in their skin.When clients finish a treatment with us and decide to start a routine, we give them a prescription pad with instructions on what to use, how to use, how often, as well as the order to use the products.

This is the Alayne White version of 'skin cycling'.

The easiest way to remember in what products come first is to think of the viscosity of the product is thinnest to thickest.

Starting after cleansing, misting or toning, followed by one or two serums (depending on your skin goal), moisturizer, and topping with sunscreen. Yes, you can use potent actives without having an annoying or painful reaction. Even highly sensitive skin can use exfoliants and retinoids maybe not as often, or a different form of the two. Sensitive skin clients just need to realize that their skin is different and will likely need a professional recommendation. Also, layering a moisturizer prior to as well as after the retinoid can help soften the blow of a more potent serum especially when you are first introducing your skin to these.

What Results Should I See?

There are many tricks you can try to find the right product and routine for your skin that is tailored to you by your licensed skin care expert. Some may work with a dermatologist and esthetician together if they are struggling with moderate acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea/sensitive, and those darn hormonal skin changes. Even if you are wanting to focus on preventative skin care, there is a treatment and routine for you.

Is Skin Cycling Necessary for the Best Results?

Skin Cycling is a great way to slowly and kindly introduce your skin to a new routine that includes products that have potent and transforming ingredients. We always suggest easing into new routines or routines where you are looking for specific results. Good skin takes time and patience. If you have both, you will see the results you are looking for.

How Can I Find Out More About a Improving My Routine?

If you don’t have time to visit, you can set up a skin chat with Julie here. You can schedule a virtual chat with Julie here.

Find a Solid Routine and Stick With It

It is never too late to make changes to your skin. Work with a licensed professional to find a routine that helps you achieve the best results within the realm of a realistic expectation.

When you are struggling with skin concerns, you will need to do more work to see results. Adding serums, exfoliants, and masks can change your skin, but they must be the right combination to help improve and correct your condition. A good skin coach will know how to recommend a solid and focused regimen that includes consistency and collaboration as will a regular treatment regimen.

Skin Cycling may seem trendy or complicated, but these Skin Cycling steps we recommend will help make it easier to find ways to improve not only your routines, but your skin and that is the best Skin Cycling Recipe we can provide.

Late 50's SKIN: Alayne

3 different ages of great skin - all who do varying degrees of a routine. All use GloSkinBeauty. Alayne Skin 58 years old, only makeup on is Lipstick. No fillers, no injections, no nothing. Alayne doesn't really skin cycle, but more goes all in or super basic depending on her mood. For those who read Alayne's blogs, you will already know that this suits her personality.

woman with glasses staring at the camera

Early 40's SKIN: Julie

3 different ages of great skin - all who do varying degrees of a routine. All use GloSkinBeauty.This is Julie, forties,. Julie does a complete routine and it shows. No fillers, injections; Julie is wearing some makeup in this photo. Julie is all in on the latest information on skin care and takes exquisite care of her skin. She puts the time in. And it shows.

attractive woman staring at camera with a slight smirk

Early 30's SKIN: Corey

3 different ages of great skin - all who do varying degrees of a routine. All use GloSkinBeauty. Corey, thirties, tends to be very dry and uses a complete routine to address dryness. No fillers, injections, just a little eye makeup. Corey does what she is supposed to with her routine. She is consistent and uses just what her skin needs to keep it healthy and glowing.

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