Tips for Healthy Holiday Skin

There are some things that I am just not an expert on. Holiday skin? What does this even mean? This topic is like trying to lose ten pounds for your upcoming high school reunion. Healthy skin should be a yearlong focus, not just a one and done for one particular blip in our lives.

But it seems that this topic is a hot blog topic, smattered all over social media this time of year to get you to think that you can get your skin Clearer! Better! Healthier! Faster! for a specific time of the year.

The Holidays. Where family gatherings and parties have changed because of that pesky C word that has become an odd bedfellow the last eighteen months. Nevertheless, skin care and healthier looking skin is a great goal to have since I am always in favor of focusing on a good solid routine to make you feel better when you stare back at that stunning reflection every day.

I also think a great goal is to get your skin to look as clear and bump free and bright as it can so you find yourself relying less on makeup to cover. Makeup should be a fun accessory like a belt or scarf or a great pair of glasses, not a necessity like a pair of underwear or warm socks on a cold day.

How to achieve healthy skin for the holidays?

A good routine. Simple.

Here are my tips for getting your skin happier for all this holiday festivity.


I keep saying this because this is the most important thing you can do to begin the process of getting your skin in shape.

Make sure your cleanser is not too harsh, keep it simple and easy. If your skin feels super tight after you wash it, then it is probably too harsh. Harsh cleansers dehydrate the surface of your skin causing your oil glands to go into overdrive.

Over productive oil glands + dehydrated epidermis = bumps under the skin.

Don’t over cleanse and don’t let the hot water in the shower beat on your face

Super hot water = dehydrated epidermis = unnecessary sensitivity

Don’t over exfoliate thinking that is going to make your skin clearer

Over exfoliating = over sensitized epidermis = skin vulnerability

If you have no idea what skin type you are, take our skin care quiz.

Wash your skin properly

We are always in a hurry. Do you wash your face like you brush your teeth, fast and furious?

Take a little extra time, really pay attention to your hairline, your jawline, behind your ears. It is amazing how much dirt and oil collects there and we miss opportunities to easily make a course correction.

Make sure if you focus on these areas, you also pay attention to rinsing the cleanser off well.

A thoroughly washed skin = a clearer skin

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Moisturize Your Skin

Find a moisturizer that works for you. If you on the normal to oily side, find a moisturizer that has more ability to HYDRATE. A great hydration ingredient is Hyaluronic Acid. You can also add this ingredient in the form of a serum. Glo HA Revive Drops is an "easy few drops" on your skin serum that keeps your oil glands from over producing and gives your skin a nice dewy glow.

Dewey Skin = Healthy hydrated skin

If your skin is more on the normal to dry side then make sure your moisturizer is more oil rich. Jojoba oil is a great ingredient since it close to your own natural sebum, but there are lots of incredible ingredients that add oil into a moisturizer.

Try this lightweight delight Glo Phytolight Moisturizer. If you are drier and like some weight our number one seller is Glo Restorative Cream.

If you just want to add some oil to your skin then add a few drops of my personal favorite, Phytoactive Conditioning Oil Drops.

Luminous Skin = Healthy Moisturized Skin

One of the most common problems in skin care is clients thinking that moisturizers “clog their pores.” This is only true if:

  • You are not washing your face when you get home from your day
  • You are moisturizing with crap.

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Makeup should be your last resort for better looking skin, but let’s face it, (cringe at the pun please) if you have waited until now to get your skin in shape and you are struggling with problem skin, you may need to rely on concealer and moisturizer as your new best buddies at least for the next few parties.

Makeup should be an extension of your skin routine. It should have quality ingredients that work with your skin texture and your need for coverage.

This last 18 months with mask wearing and barely leaving the house, makeup has taken a back seat in the routines of many people I know. But now that people have been back out in the real world, makeup is back.

  • Tinted Moisturizers are a lightweight easy product that evens the skin out without a lot of coverage. This is a good choice if your skin needs light coverage.
  • Tinted Primers gives a bit more coverage and they are also more matte in appearance. These are a great choice for a more normal to oily skin.
  • Foundation Sticks are my new fave. They give full coverage and serve as either a high performing concealer or a hardy coverage foundation or both. It is easy to figure out a color by texting me a close up pic of your face with no makeup along with your name and I can send you a good color recommendation. Text here: 401-254-1772.

If you want a rich foundation that offers excellent coverage and your skin is dry, then hands down Glo Luminous Foundation is your new wonder product. Again feel free to send a pic and I am happy to match one for you. Easy and personal attention over the airwaves- a new way to come to a department store if you ask me.

Lastly there are mineral powders that give incredible coverage, pressed. I remember when I was in my twenties and thirties, I couldn’t live without these. I don’t carry them right now, but I can special order any color and am happy to match these for you as well. There are well over twenty colors to choose from and this is one of the best formulas on the market.

Lots to do over the next few weeks, lots to think about, but I am your partner in crime over here and all too happy to help you with any skin questions or recommendations. Text or email 401-254-1772 or beauty@alaynewhite.com.

Or schedule a chat here.

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