Sun Protection Factor (SPF)

Now that I am fast approaching 60 at the speed of light, SPF has finally made its way into my daily skin care routine. Does this surprise you? That someone who claims to be a beauty realist has just started using SPF consistently?

Truth be told, as I usually tell it, I have never really used a daily SPF other than when I have headed to my beloved beach where I slather it on like there is no tomorrow. And facing the future of my face with the possibility of skin cancer after a few precancerous spots got my attention.

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So SPF mineral 40 it is. Every day. Like a new found addiction.

Here are the best ones on the market:

Lightweight, great quality SPF and not greasy, these power house SPFs do what they are supposed to- protect your skin.

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It is not too late to start. At least this is what my very kind dermatologist told me. And I believe him. And while you are at it, for an extra bang, use the Glo C Shield Anti Pollution Drops to take your protection up a notch.

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