Staying Skinsane

Are you in a skin rut? Are you bored with your routine? I have a routine that I love, but sometimes I get bored. Not bored because I am not seeing results. I always see miraculous results especially if I do all of the steps I am supposed to. But even I get bored sometimes.

The Skin Truth

Here is the moment of truth for all of you skin care peeps out there, though. Boredom does not mean that you need to throw cares to the wind and start with a brand new skin care line. If your skin routine has mostly worked for you, but you feel a little bored, it may be time to try a new cleanser, a new moisturizer or to change your serum. Because I will let you in on a little secret, a good skin care routine should balance your skin and when your skin becomes a bit unbalanced, sometimes the system needs an adjustment. Simple as that.

Do You Need Skin Care Tweaks?

So I am offering you a fun chance to get a quick review of what you are doing and see if any tweaks are in order.

Here's how it works:

Step One:

Take a photo of what you are using and a close up photo of your face with no makeup on.

Step Two:

I will do a quick analysis of your current products and the appearance of your skin and send you my recommendations.

No cost to you- it is really my pleasure. I love doing text or email consults like this.

Just send your pics with your full name and email address to 401-254-1772 or email them to beauty@alaynewhite.com.

Let’s see what you got going on, my ageless superchicks out there in the wacky world of skin care. I can help you stay skinsane.

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