So Many Skin Care Products

There are a lot of skin care products on the market. To top it off, it is not the most highly regulated market out there either. Hope in a Jar has been the go to fountain of youth search for centuries and there is no shortage everywhere you turn to be told "YES, THIS WILL DO THE TRICK!"

But the question I have been asking myself lately is why do we want the trick in the first place?

What is the payoff?

What will we feel when Hope in a Jar finally gives us the new and improved less lined brighter face? Has really looking outside of ourselves in the reflection staring back become our self esteem validation?

My partner uses the phrase, "No one gets out alive." I would add to this that we are all getting older. No one is exempt from this fact. So why is it that we are being constantly told that aging is a bad thing, that looking younger should be our goal instead of working on our insides to feel self assured that we are good enough?

I am in a perpetual quest of this answer as I ironically am part of this beauty machine and have made it my career for my entire working life. Beauty is a fascinating topic, outside and inside and as I continue to age right along with my clients for the past thirty five years, I am struck at how my notion of beauty has evolved over time.

I am comfortable with aging because I am comfortable with myself. This gets me to the place of desiring less bells and whistles on my skin. Except when I am in the mood to do full throttle routines, then I am all in. But for the most part I like simplicity and ease to reach the now go to mantra I love about aging.

I am good enough.

This being said, I don’t always feel this way. I struggle with the constant need to improve, have a lower number on the scale, tighter muscles, sharper mind, kinder soul, better friend. As much as the need to be better at most things has been a catalyst for my business success in my life, it has also been a detriment to my mental welfare and on occasion my relationships both outside of me and inside of me.

What I love about aging though is the acceptance rather than the berating. I used to have the internal scolding voice when the negative thoughts would worm their way into my mind, but now I just accept the thought without judgment or criticism. I let them move in and out knowing it is all part of the process.

As I continue my conversations with mostly women about their aging skin and what to do about it, I have been finding myself having more conversations about the road ahead. The numerous choices that stand in front of the thirty and forty year olds. The skin care world is their oyster with so many possibilities and I am so happy to guide them on the confusing road to make it less so. If you are thirty or forty and you haven’t had much of a routine or your routine is all over the place, now is the time to get redirected.

These kits are a great starting place:

This is why signing up for a chat with someone like me is so valuable, I’ve been there, you can look at my skin and have a frank conversation with me about what 56 could look like for your skin. That’s what I am here for. Can’t wait to be your skin guide, sister, aunt, mama, beauty realist.

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