Q&A with Alayne: What Does a Skin Toner Do?

I love this question because like all questions I answer with another question.

Do you want a toner?

What do you want/hope a toner to/will do?

What do you know about them?

Have you used one before?

Skin Toners Have a Bad Rap

Some people think that it is just one more step in an already clogged routine that is all too easy to skip.

This can be true SOMETIMES. Especially if you are not using a toner for the right reasons.

If you are using a toner to get that happy satisfaction of applying the liquid to a cotton ball and then wiping your face down with it to see all of the dirt left behind then toner is not what you need to be adding to your routine- BUT A BETTER CLEANSER IS. Your toner step should not be a second step cleansing step. Your cleanser should be doing what it is supposed to do, CLEANSING.

Types of Skin Toners

Toners come in 2 forms:

  • The kind that you wipe on to your skin with a cotton pad
  • The kind you spray on your face

Both make for a better environment for your serums and moisturizers to work more efficiently. Skin toners allow those products to absorb into the skin faster and more to the point.

The kind you wipe on your face are usually intended to be an application of some sort for a specific skin concern. Such as a kinder way to introduce Glycolic Acid to your face or a benzoyl peroxide for acne problems. In this case you would not want to spray your skin as these potent ingredients need to be placed on the skin and not sprayed willy nilly on the delicate eye area.

The kind you spray is generally more of a hydrator. They also return the skin to the normal ph quicker after you wash your face because all cleansing usually alters your ph balance from the simple act of removing dirt and oil, making your skin a bit more vulnerable if you are not diligent about adding protection right away such as a moisturizer to follow.

Toners allow your moisturizer to get into your skin more effectively but also can bring delight and joy to your routine with aromatherapy too. For example Jurlique’s rosewater or lavender toner not only add extra hydration - something that every single person’s skin always needs, but also the feeling like you just stepped into a blooming garden of roses or lavender.

I love talking about added joy in your skin routine. After all you are going to be married to this routine am and pm and besides having it work for better skin, the added benefit of a happier mind and soul is a wonderful extra benefit too.

Here are 4 easy-to-use toners I recommend:

Rosewater (Jurlique)

Lavender (Jurlique)

Phytoactive toning mist (glo)

Balancing mist (glo)

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