How to Manifest More Joy In Your Life

Creating more joy in your life is not as hard as you think. But it often requires some attention in defining what joyful feelings are for you. They are different for everyone, and the fun part is that you design the joy that works best for you.

Score Your Joy

Look around your house, as a matter of fact, look wherever you are and wherever your eyes land, what they land on… quick, how does it make you feel?

Match the feeling with one of these numbers:

  • 3. Energized. Happy. Smiley. Warm Hearted.
  • 2. Nothing, really. Sort of Neutral
  • 1. Depleted. Down. Negative. Low Energy.

Once you get in the habit of this, it is easy to make some fast decisions on your surroundings and where and what you give your attention to.

The Power of 3s

Likely you understand from this simple exercise that an abundance of 3’s, people, places, and things, can cause incredible elation and joy in your daily life.

Start here. Surround yourself with as many 3’s as possible.

Have an old pile of something that, every time you look at it, drives you mad? Move it, get ride of it, donate it, but for Goodness Sake, do not keep it around you, because these things add up to not the happy quantity we want. This works with so many facets of life.

Here are some easy joy givers that can create more joy in your life:

  • Clean sheets and a fresh shower or bath right before bed
  • Fresh flowers on your table that you bought for yourself
  • Cleaning out a closet or the refrigerator you have been putting off.
  • Sending a random card or note to someone in the actual mail, especially someone you haven’t seen or spoken with in awhile
  • Being in Nature anytime. Looking up. And noticing a tree or a bird you may have missed if you hadn’t gone outside that day.
  • Acknowledging something small that someone close to you has done. Maybe your partner did the dishes or folded the laundry or took care of something that he or she does regularly. Just saying thank you for the mundane can lift a spirit to a 3. It is magic.
  • Calling an older family member and asking something about their past that you would be bummed you never took the time to ask before they passed.
  • Telling someone older in your life a few things they have done that have made a difference in your life

These easy steps to manifest joy can really lift the spirits for sure. Using the numbers I have mentioned will help you identify what to add more of, and what to remove. Begin to pay attention to the way these ideas make you feel. If the feelings are positive, then keep them going. Before you know it, every day will have opportunities for easy joy in your life.

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