Foundation is Out, Great Skin Is In

Actually the article I read written by Kristen Bateman in the Thursday’s Style section of the NYT was titled:

Foundation is Dead: Embrace the Age of Imperfections- A shift away from makeup that conceals all flaws and textures to a wave of self acceptance.

I loved this article because I have been singing this to every woman I know for well over ten years. Makeup should be a fun accent to a great skin, not a coverup for bad skin.

Good Skin Doesn't Need Makeup

Many women spend thousands of dollars on makeup products and often skimp on a good skin care line. This is a mistake because the more you take better care to improve or maintain great skin, the less makeup you need to hide that skin.

The article speaks a lot about the trend of moving away from heavy face covers towards moisture tints and water tints. YAY! And this is so easy to do with the products you probably already have in your closets and drawers.

Lighten Your Makeup Load

If you have been wearing a lot of foundation start by lightening the load a bit. You can mix a little of your moisturizer in with it to cut the coverage a little at a time so you can wean yourself off.

Another way you can begin the lessening of a heavier coverage is to try a tinted moisturizer mixed with just a dab of your foundation.

My advice is to get used to the freckles, the brown spots, the lines, and all of other warrior markings that likely show a life well lived. Get your skin routine up to par and learn to love the skin you are in.

Save Time and Money

You will not only save money, but the morning time suck will change, too and that gives you more time to enjoy your coffee a little longer, walk outside for some fresh air, or just simply stare off into the universe pondering the miracle of the world.

Hope this helps you along the path of beauty without the BS.


Your Beauty Realist friend,

Alayne and her always makeup-less face except for that lipstick she can’t get enough of.

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