Do Eye Creams Really Work?

"I need an eye cream for..."

This is a frequent request over the last thirty years in my beloved skin care business. Wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness….we want a cream to fix that. Just like that diet to lose ten pounds a week before our class reunion, we are on the perpetual quest to fix our perceived beauty problems fast. Now. Like yesterday.

The Truth About Eye Creams

But do eye creams really work? My approach to skin care has always been a good dose of reality. I like to find out and talk about your expectations. Do we really think that creaming on eye products is going to erase the lines and reduce the puffiness?

Hope in a tube is what I always say.

If eye creams really worked long term, it seems to me none of us would be walking around with lines around our eyes or puffiness under them. Puffiness and lines are not just because we aren’t using eye creams. Maybe you had a big burger and fries before you went to bed last night and the salt has found its way into the pockets of that super soft eye area just begging for some hydration. Or those few glasses of wine the night before… or those last few days on the beach in the hot sun and sand without a hat and a reapplication of SPF more than once. Smoking, frowning, and your good old DNA all add to the cause at hand.

Do Eye Creams Work?

So do eye creams really work? Some out there have an incredible temporary fix and some are just plain great for hydration and smoothing when used regularly. The skin around your eyes is very thin and tender so the eye creams tend to focus more on that tender skin with more attention to its delivery to that area.

Retinol is a great ingredient but can also be a bit potent for the more sensitive skin types. I have always been a believer in using products that make you feel good that you are going to be consistent with. If an eye cream gives you this, then by all means use one.

Eye Creams We Love

Here are two that we love.

Glo Phyto Active Eye Cream

Photo Active Eye Cream

C-Shield Eye Restore Hydrator

Eye Restore Hydrator Cream

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