Babies and More Babies

The lightbulb went off when I spoke to my dear friend, Shelly who owns a highly successful boutique and salon in the Chicago area. She has kept me afloat during the last two years since closing our businesses in March 2020. Shelly has inspiring determination as she too reinvented her brand and her business by really expanding her salon boutique by adding different segments she hadn’t considered before Covid.

Besides turning me on to one of my favorite collections, Rock and Roll T shirts and sweatshirts, she reminded me that baby items are a great addition as well.

Everyone Loves Babies

Many of my clients are becoming grandparents for the first time and if these clients are anything like my mother was when Michael was a little one, the desire to indulge only increases.

I have recently added the most delightful organic baby line, onesies, blankets, and hats that will make your maternal heart sing. Made from organic cotton and gender neutral, they make for some lovely gift giving. I can ship anywhere and when you purchase I will include a hand typed note that says, BABIES ARE SUCH A NICE WAY TO START PEOPLE.

baby gifts

A nice extra to include is my staple HobaCare organic jojoba oil for the bath, cradle cap and dry skin. I have carried this perfect product for over twenty five years and have nothing in comparison. I have put together a really cute baby box here if you want to have a few items in a pretty box delivered too.

Other Gifts for Kids

Some other fun gifts that aren’t clothes are these neat baking kits- for the budding baker- that include some really nice themed baking supplies (no food included) just the pans and utensils along with the how to recipes. These come in different themes and are perfect gifts for Easter and birthdays or just because. These too can be shipped anywhere in the US.

kids baking kit

I don’t know this for a fact, but I am guessing that Covid has created a baby boom and there is certainly always someone we know who is pregnant or giving birth. I have great gifts that are packaged beautifully and ready for your gift giving needs whenever you are.

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