A New Routine

I began doing skin chats last May because for the first time in the history of my company, I couldn’t touch or see a client in person. Clients couldn’t come in to my business to get a service let alone ask questions about the right routine for their skin.

All small businesses were affected in their own personal way; for my facial business, not seeing people face to face made it difficult to see their skin. But ZOOM changed this for my business model. I realized right away that meeting someone in their own homes through the vehicle of the computer was the next best thing and in some cases it was a lifeline to keep my business alive.

Quickly, this became a really interesting and surprisingly fun way to interact not only with clients, but with their bathrooms and their piles of beauty in their closets. Through this ten to fifteen minute interaction, I developed the idea of skin chats to help people simplify their routines and their bounties of products.

Since last May, I have done over two hundred chats and there is one common denominator— confusion. Like diets, skin care routines are all over the map. Beauty comes at us in all directions. Social medial tips, magazines, television, articles, drugstores, infomercials, department stores, mega cosmetic stores, pyramid sales, and beauty boxes. A sample of this, a jar of that, and next thing your bathroom knows, you have too many lotions and potions and not enough rhyme or reason.

Hope in a jar.

What chats have taught me is to ask the basic question, “What are you hoping for?”

Like the idea of losing that famous ten pounds almost every person I talk to says they are trying to lose, we seldom ask the question, “Why?”

I have heard mostly realistic answers when I pose the question because clients often tell me that no one has ever asked them that and therefore they have never really considered the question.

I know when it comes to losing that ten pounds, I have seldom asked myself what is the payoff to losing it and what will it feel like when I get there. I just obsess more about the task at hand, rather than the payoff and no surprises, the ten pounds hangs out, taunting me.

Skin care goals are like this. We are told by the external media forces that our skin is not perfect unless it is _______ fill in the blank. Wrinkle free, tighter, lighter, firmer, toner, brighter, clearer, the list goes on. You may be scratching your head at the conundrum of my business. I have often asked myself if I am part of the problem just by the nature of my business.

I know I am not. I am part of the solution, because what makes me different is the pure unfiltered truth I bring to the chat. What is it you want your skin to look like and how much time, money, effort are you willing to put into it.

I have done the full throttle routines that cost over five hundred dollars and proven to myself that a full system of high performing skin care whole heartedly exceeds my expectations. And then like that pesky ten pounds lost, I start to get lazy and use less steps and come to the conclusion that my skin is good enough, wrinkles, sags, age spots, all good enough.

So I lean in.

This is what I love to teach. Leaning in, accepting and allowing. I am not for everyone, but if you are confused and need a course correction for a routine and don’t want to head to the injection counter, then schedule a free chat with me. It’s ten minutes and a great way to learn a little something about the many products you have likely accumulated in your closet.

A new routine is a great start and often times it can be accomplished with what you already have so that you use it up and get on a system that is consistent and focused. I am your skin coach, helping you achieve the best skin possible for the time and money you allow.

Schedule your free chat today.

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