10 Steps for Great Teen Skin

I have been using skin care and have been on a good skin care system since I was twelve years old. My mother had some skin problems and I am sure that because of this, she wanted to be sure I was set up for success with a good skin care routine.

The road to this lovely beauty business career I get to call my job was started because of my mother exposing me to great haircuts, manicures, and facials at a very early age.

These days it seems that teens and preteens have access to a lot more information. From social media, trips to the dermatologists, and the big makeup stores, skin care products are plentiful. Much different then when I was a kid where my choices were Bonnie Bell, Noxema, Sea Breeze, and if you were lucky, a trip to the Clinique counter.

The world of skin care is so damn confusing and it doesn’t have to be. Here are my ten tips for great teen skin. If your child has real acne, the kind that is inflamed, painful and very bad, then a trip to the dermatologist is prudent. Otherwise, these tips will get your teen started with a great habit that will take care of them for the rest of their lives.

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Follow These 10 Steps for Great Teen Skin

1. Wash Your Face

Always, and I mean always, wash your face when you get home from your day. Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel is a great tried and true basic cleanser for teens for most skin types. If your teen is more oily or plays sports and is very physically active, try Glo Purifying Gel Cleanser.

2. Hydrate Your Skin

Get in the habit of using a lightweight moisturizer- when your skin is hydrated, it slows down the lover production of oil which is a major cause of breakouts. So, start using an oil free moisturizer to begin the habit. Start in the evening after washing if it is hard to remember.

3. Use an SPF

Start the habit of using an oil free SPF early. Glo Oil Free SPF 40 has a built in moisturizer, too. Teens grow into adults who realize the damage the sun can cause to their skin.

4. Never Pick Your Skin

When breakouts occur-and they will because hormonal changes and not washing your face at the end of your day can be a culprit- DO NOT PICK. I always taught my son that if you pick, its ugly for ten days, if you leave it alone its ugly for four.

5. Spot Treat Breakouts + Change Your Pillowcase often

Use a high performing spot treatment when the breakouts occur. Glo Beta-Clarity BHA Drops are like magic on breakouts.

6. Avoid Scrubbing

Do not scrub. Over scrubbing causes little fissures on the skin and can cause more problems. Stay away from the over the counter harsh scrubs. They are not helpful.

This highly effective liquid dissolving exfoliant works wonders.

7. Invest in High-Quality Makeup

If you must wear makeup, use a good brand that works with the skin, not against it. And if you are going to wear makeup, wash your face before you hit the sack. This alone makes a huge difference. Glo makes a great tinted moisturizer with a built in SPF that gives a little coverage and is a healthy skin product.

8. Don't Point Out Blemishes (this one is for you, Mom or Dad)

Don’t obsess about your teen's skin. You are looking at them much more than they are looking at them. If you point out or start worrying about every blemish, you inadvertently cause them to worry. Hormonal skin is normal. They are part of the crowd. Don’t project your teenage years onto your teenager.

9. Touch Up Through Out The Day

If your teen plays sports or has gym class, these wipes are a life saver in helping to keep the sweat and bacteria off their skin after physical activity, practice, and games.

10. Invest in Your Teen's Skin Care

Glo Teen Skin Kit

Invest in a good skin care routine for your teen. It is one of the kindest and healthy things you can do for your teen.

If kits work better for you, either of these kits will get your teen on the path to great skin care:

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