Happy summer!

We are celebrating so much this summer in both locations.

In Bristol, we are celebrating 12 years in business, in Providence we are celebrating 7 years. Holy Amazing.

We were recently named Best Spa in Providence by the Providence Phoenix. We were mentioned in the very popular Huffington Post by Malerie Yolen-Cohen who visited our spa and Loved it!

The greatest part of my name being my business is that wherever I go, more and more people recognize our brand. We continue to be seen as a positive force in both our business model but more importantly as a brand associated with a beautiful connection to community.

People often tell me how they see us represented at so many events because of our donations. I thought as we approach this summer, I would let you all know where some of the money that you so generously spend in the alayne white spas has gone this year. This is in no way even half of where we have donated, but trust us we donate to everything.


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Alayne White Spa - Bristol

11 Constitution Street
Bristol, RI 02809

Directions to Bristol Spa

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Alayne White Spa - Providence

149 Elmgrove Avenue
Providence, RI 02906

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