Our training is second to none, but we are aware that no matter how much we train, our newbies need practice and experience. We have learned that the only way they can get this is to do the treatments. So, we have a program that gives you the opportunity to get a few of our services at a 40% savings knowing that you will be getting a highly trained skin therapist, but one who is fresh in the room. We will be asking you for feedback too. 

The Best Facial You Will Ever Have
This is for you if: You want the tried and true, most popular facial that put us on the map. Cleansing, analysis, extractions, steaming, masking, face, shoulder, neck, arm, hand, scalp, and foot massage make this treatment that many of our clients have said is better than a full body massage. A great first time or seasoned client facial with us.
A Good Old Fashioned Facial
This is for you if: You want a shorter version of our best facial. You are looking for a great core facial that gives you a little of everything. A great first time with us (through not as relaxing as the best, but if you are on a time or money budget, this is a really nice facial). Also great as a monthly maintenance facial.
Extraction Satisfaction
This is for you if: You need deep cleansing, lots of extracting and clearing. Your skin is breaking out, and you want to figure out why and get on a treatment plan.
Mask Blast
This revitalizing and immediate gratification treatment wakes your skin up in a hurry. Cleansing, analyzing and masking makes this under-30-minute service get your skin to the point, fast. Plus we will set you up on a rocking treatment plan if you want. This is great coupled with another service like a wax or a Spassage.
This is for you if: You are looking for a very relaxing, warm oil head to almost toe body treat. Also includes lots of spa fluff, a back and foot exfoliation, warm stones, a luscious scalp massage, and some serious rest for the weary. THIS IS NOT A MASSAGE DONE BY A MASSAGE THERAPIST.
This is for you if:You want a full best facial, a peel, and a Spassage rolled into one dreamy treatment. All done in the same room by the same person.
Everything but the Kitchen Sink
This is for you if: You want a Best Facial, a Peel, and Smooth as a Baby's Butt Body Exfoliation, warm oil body application, arm, hand and foot massage, warm stones applied to many body parts and a magic carpet ride home... (only kidding about the magic carpet ride, but wouldn't that make this treatment better than it already is?)
This is not for you if: You are pregnant or have a sunburn.
(Almost) Better Than Sex
This is for you if: You want a Spassage and Smooth as a Baby's Butt all rolled into one dreamy treatment.
Underarm Waxing
Half Leg (Lower)
Includes a half leg exfoliation.
Bikini Wax, Oh So Basic
This basic bikini wax we like to describe as the wax if you are wearing a Lands End or LL Bean bathing suit, not revealing, not high cut, but that mom kind of bathing suit (not that there is anything wrong with that). This is a great starter bikini wax for you newbies to waxing, also great if you just want a light clean up. You may want to trim a little if you haven't paid much attention to yourself lately. Call us if you need more information.