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What is Alayne really like to work for? 

I have prided myself on the highest business practices that a little business like ours can do. My team of 23 women is paid fairly for their work with an hourly pay. Not commission, not booth renting, but pay whether they have a client or they don’t. They receive paid time off, paid breaks, paid education, exceptional client service training, personal life development, a safe and kind work environment, a flexible work schedule especially when they go on maternity leave and when they return (and believe me this is not easy in an appointment driven business model), and an IRA with a 1% match. For a little business in the smallest state in the country, this benefit package gives me great pride. I have worked incredibly hard to provide this to my team because I have always known that a happy team makes for a happy client and when my team is in the privacy of a room with you as a client, and you ask them, "What is Alayne really like to work for?” (and I know you ask this) I want them to answer truthfully that I have high standards and a team that rises to them. As women in this business I call beauty, my team has risen. They have reached well out of their comfort zones and thrived in their lives because of what they have learned. The ones that have moved on I know that have taken some of the lessons with them. Most of my team has worked for Alayne White for over 10 years. In this industry, this speaks volumes as the beauty business is known for its hopping around. 

Groups, parties & brides

As much as we love the notion of lots of women coming together to celebrate together with a service at Alayne White, we really do best with one or two people coming together and sharing the time. Our experience has shown that when we add a 3rd or 4th person, there is always a cancellation due to a work emergency, a child sick, or a personal time constraint that has come out of the woodwork. I talk to women all day who tell me they have been hanging on to a gift card for years trying to coordinate schedules with girlfriends. More power to you for the idea, but in the meantime use your gift card and coordinate later. Our gift cards don’t expire, but I do. I am almost 52 and have been in this business for most of my life on this planet, as much as I love it, I will not be around forever so please stop saving your gift cards, USE THEM. Just like the china in your closet.

We no longer do makeup applications and are happy to refer you to some great hair salons. If you are trying to get your skin in great shape for your wedding (or reunion or divorce for that matter) please call us. We have great skin boot camps that will seriously transform your skin for your special day. 

I’ve never had a bikini wax

One of our favorite questions! All right, so you have summoned the courage to ask about a bikini wax, now what? Bikini waxes are great because they last anywhere from 3-6 weeks with no stubble. Because of a Sex in the City episode on bikini waxing, all new women to waxing have a fear. It is like a serious band-aid, one swoop and it is done, smooth and fabulous.

Not all bikini waxing is created equal. We offer 3 types. Basic, tight and super tight. If you have never had a bikini wax, we recommend starting with a basic just to make sure you are not going to get all red and bumpy (this sometimes happens, but not often). Don't be afraid, though, a great bikini wax can make you feel very connected to you.

Just because a place does bikini waxing does not mean that they are experts in it. We are experts. We do not let any one of our skin goddesses do bikini waxing unless they are fully trained. Our entire team is licensed and professional and will help ease you into this first time experience. It is totally worth it.

If you are planning on coming in, see the bikini waxing on our service menus for the things to know before you come in.

How do I prepare for my service?

Let's just say this is your first experience and you have not a clue what to expect. You may even be a little nervous or worried that you are not going to act all "spa-like" and what if you do something foolish?

First things first, not all businesses are created equal in the welcoming department, but trust me, we rock in the make you feel all warm and fabulous department. We are even known for being so welcoming that some clients even feel comfortable enough to come in their PJs for their evening appointments!

We at Alayne White are here to help you feel beautiful and welcomed, like a guest in your home. Of course we want you to have great skin, but if you feel uncomfortable or awkward at all, your first experience may be your last and that is certainly not our goal. We want you to become addicted to us so you can't think of any place you would rather hang out to get away on a mini vacation.


If you are having any one of our stellar services where a part of your body may be exposed shave the night before your appointment if you need to shave at all. Most women get wigged out by the fact that they have stubble and are embarrassed. Honestly, we take care of hundreds of women and we are in fact women so we don't care if you have stubble at all, we don't even care if you have a week's worth of growth, trust us we won't tell a soul, we won't have candid camera come in and video you, we won't even talk about it at lunch time. We don't care. Alayne White Spas are here to TAKE CARE OF YOU whatever shape you are in.

If you are a guy getting a facial, shave the night before as sometimes the exfoliating after a morning shave can be a little tingly.


Try to be comfortable. As far as I am concerned after any service, even waxing, the last thing I would want to do would be to put on nylons or a suit, dress in your jammies if you want to, but be comfy. We are not the type of place that is a fashion show, you don't need to wear all of your baubles and fancy clothes, you are fancy enough in yoga clothes. Of course if you want to get all dolled up, have a good time, but for the most part we all dress very relaxed so you don't feel like you have to dress up to come to a spa and then get undressed.

If you have makeup on when you come in for any facial treatment, we take it off anyway so don't put it on special for us and frankly the less mascara, the better, it gives you more treatment time.


Please wear underwear that you do not care about. We like to think that we will never get a drop of wax on your undies, but there is always a possibility of it. No matter what type of bikini wax you are getting from us, please wear underwear, we like to use it as a guide for our waxing and it makes for a much better bikini wax.


Relax, we are filled with welcoming love and light. We do not judge and we do not make you feel anything but comfortable. We want you to come back often and if you feel the love the first time, you will want to come often, that is our mission.

Leave most of your jewelry at home, you are going to have to take most of it off anyway and it just prevents forgetting it or losing it.

Let us know if you are allergic to anything or sensitive to anything.

Turn off your cell phone. Really have we all become that important that we can't be unavailable for longer than 1 hour? What did our moms do when we were kids and there were no cell phones? Liberate yourself and turn off the cells, you owe yourself some alone time! Trust me the problems and the emergencies will be there and what are you going to do about them while you are lying on the table anyway except have the call ruin your whole experience.


Please do not drink any alcohol.

Please do not go in a tanning booth or the sun 3 days prior to the visit.

Please let us know if you are using any Accutane or Retin-A or medically prescribed skin product.

Please do not come in with a sunburn.

Do not come in if you are sick. We do have a cancellation policy, but we don't want you to come in sick and will not charge you if you need to cancel due to illness.

Do not come in if you have a sick child at home because you are worried you will be charged for a last minute cancellation. We are reasonable and we are also moms and there is no way you will enjoy a much needed spa service if your babes are sick and you have to leave them with someone else.

What is your cancellation policy?

We have tried all types of cancellation policies, 24 hours, charges if you cancel in less than 24 hours, blah blah blah. What we have learned is that you don't need to be stressed out with a cancellation policy, nor do you need to be scolded.

So this is the deal, call us if you can't make it in, we keep a call list that we can often call clients and fill an appointment. We are reasonable and know that things come up, however know that one of the reasons our spa is superior is because our team gets paid no matter what. What does that have to do with our cancellation policy? If you don't show up and don't give us the courtesy of a phone call, our business loses money which means that our prices will have to go up eventually. So the only way we will charge you if you miss an appointment is if you don't call us and let us know or if you cancel last minute more than 2 or 3 times. We are fabulous with taking great care of our clients and all we ask in return is the consideration of a phone call and the value of our time.

How do I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment a few ways.

1. Call either location during our hours and we can book at either location. 401-254-1772 or 401-272-1772.

2. You can now book online 24/7. The first time you do it, it will require a credit card to reserve the appointment. If you don't show up, you will be charged. If you want to reserve with a gift card, the gift card must be in the full amount of the service or it will not let you book the appointment. This just protects the spa from appointments being made that are not the real deal. The only gift card you can use is the one that has the sassy girl on the front in the pink dress with a 5-digit number on the back.

Do I have to disrobe entirely for my spa service?

Absolutely not. Our goal is to create a place of comfort and safety. For most treatments, we will give you a gown or a robe. Once you get comfortable with us, you may want to pass on these since sometimes it is more comfortable to have a treatment free from the gown. You are always draped fully with all services.

What is a facial and why should I get one?

Depending on the type, facials can either focus on deep cleansing, deep relaxation, intense hydration, age or acne management or a combination of all of the above. Facials are for your mind, skin and spirit. For your mind, they deeply relax, for your skin, they deeply cleanse and hydrate and for your spirit, a facial gives you the excuse to nurture and rest. Alayne White facials will be the best facial experience you will ever have.

Will I break out after a facial?

This is a common fear among women and men who haven't had a facial. 

First and foremost what is "breaking out" to you?  Is it one pimple?  Is it bumpiness on the chin and jaw?  Is it blackheads?  Is your skin super sensitive or does it have a tendency to break out at certain times of the month?  Did you have breakouts prior to your first facial? What do you use on your skin?  Do you wax or use depilatories? What's your main goal? These are all questions (and many more) we ask so that we can customize a facial for your skin type and concern.

If you have clear skin with minor breakouts the truth is that you will most likely not have any problems. And if you do have congested skin most likely you will be on a path to having clearer skin after your first facial.

All of the skin coaches at Alayne White have been trained directly through Alayne White herself and continue their education with the company. We pride ourselves on listening to client needs and fears and addressing them before we start any treatment. The only time we don't recommend getting a first time facial is if you are getting married within that week or you have a major event to attend and you have a concern about breaking out. If that is the case we have many other body type services for you to enjoy such as the Spassage, Relaxing Back Treatment or Extreme Dream. Our Beyond Belief Pedicure is also wonderful and way more than a pedicure. 

Can I put makeup on after a facial or treatment?

Absolutely! Our makeup is an extension of our skin care. We recommend a light application of high quality product such as GLOTherapeutics which we have on hand and are happy to apply upon your request.

How will my hair look when I leave?

Alayne White offers no hair services so we can keep the environment true and peaceful. Our treatments are about making you feel incredible from head to toe so though your head might feel great when you leave, your hair won't look like it did when you arrived. Feel free to bring a hat or allow us to schedule you for a shampoo and blow dry at one of the salons nearby.

What are your shipping and return policies for gift cards and online orders?

We ship within 24 hours regular US postal service. We do not guarantee that any gift card order will be received if the order is placed less than 5 days prior to a big holiday (ex. Christmas, Mothers Day, Valentines Day). However, we will be happy to ship any order priority for a fee if you call us directly at 401-254-1772 or 401-272-1772.

Do men get facials?

This is a common question from our female population. Women can be on the facial bed resting for the first time in their week and that is the # 1 question they ask us. Our answer is always a resounding yes! We love to give men skin treatments; this way, men completely grasp why women need to come to the spa, so send him in!

What is a peel?

With so much confusing skin language out there, let us simplify it for you into 3 categories.

A general description is as your skin ages, so does your cell turnover. Your collagen fibers also decide to hit the highway and leave you after all those years of support. How this shows up in your pretty face is that your skin tightness and firmness lessens (or loosens to put it more directly), sensitivity increases (aka redness), age spots start to appear, lines from all that happy smiling decide to make a grand entrance and if you have been a sun person in your life, your tan may hang around a lot longer than it did in the good old days of baindesoleil and silver reflective blankets.

So the goal of a peel is to stimulate cell turnover to dissolve those pesky dead cells that give your skin that dullness and lackluster appearance and to stimulate collagen production to help firm you back up (and no, there is no such thing as a total body peel, we knew you were thinking that).

Peels don’t have to be scary, but they can be. We come from the healthy approach and really err on the side of caution with as little or no downtime. Because downtime is not pretty and we want you to be pretty because let’s face it, you are not paying us to look worse, right? Because we are not doctors our peels are potent but not Doctor potent. We are super trained and super smart when it comes to your skin so we are a great choice to begin your happy skin routine.

1. PEELS done under a physician’s care in a doctor’s office. These peels usually are really strong and are not usually for the faint hearted. Downtime is part of the equation and can be really rough on your skin. Some of you out there may want this route. If so, check in with us as we have some great referrals of reputable doctors offices in the area.

2. PEELS that you can buy at a drugstore. This seems to be a new buzz, do it yourself peels. To us this is like do it yourself bikini waxing, probably best to stay away. But if you must, you likely won’t see a huge difference in your skin because these are very conservative and probably just have a small amount of active ingredients to wet your whistle.

3. PEELS done in a licensed skin center or spa. That is us. We are licensed in skin. We know skin. When you go to a doctor, you usually are not asking her or him for nutritional advice, you are usually going to a nutritionist for this. Estheticians like us are really solely trained in skin CARE. This is why we are so good at what we do, this is what we were trained in.  Our peel collection is high performance, and so are we. Trained, licensed, knowledgeable, but you probably guessed we were going to say this.


  • You are getting ready to go to your 25 year high school reunion in 3 days and want to look 20 years younger.
  • Are getting married or have an important function in less than 8 weeks.
  • Are pregnant.
  • Are on any medically prescribed skin prescription, such as Accutane, retina and all of those other prescriptions your friend may have given you from her secret stash even though you didn’t get them directly from the doctor. (You know who you are.)
  • If you need or have had any facial waxing within the week.

Whatever age you are, caring for your skin is important because it just makes you feel better when your skin looks and feels great. We have designed a brand new collection of treatments called PURE POWER, customized results oriented high performance treatments that pack a mean punch with very little or no downtime for some stunning skin. BAM.

We also know that you have come to know us for our ahhhh treatments after all this is what we built our business on so we just coulnd’t bare the thought of not giving you a t least a little ahhh in these new short attention span services so every one of them gives you the choice of scalp OR hand massage.