Patchology Clean AF On-The-Go Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes


Meet the most convenient way to wash your face—any time, anywhere. Just unfold one of these cleansing face wipes and clean your skin to prep for makeup or just to wipe the day away. Loaded with:

Vitamin B5 for max moisture

Biotin for a lit-from-within glow

Folic acid to detox and purify pores

It’s your one-step system for a clean slate. See ya makeup, sweat, and dirt.

Quickly cleanse away makeup, sweat, oil, and dirt with Patchology™ Clean AF On-the-Go Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes. These wipes leave skin feeling clean, soft, and refreshed. Each wipe is loaded with skin-loving Ingredients like vitamin B5, biotin, and antioxidant-rich folic acid. Perfect for on-the-go cleansing, pop these convenient resealable packs in a purse, gym bag, suitcase, or keep by the sink. Package is a 15 count.

How to Use

Unfold and gently wipe over face and neck to remove dirt, oil, and makeup. There is no need to rinse. Swipe right! 

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