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Moon Mama - Rox Box

Moon mama crystal collection. Perfect nurturing crystal set for new moms. This listing is for a rox box crystal pack of shungite or obsidian, moonstone, bloodstone, green aventurine. Each stone is labeled/identified with the intention ... Perfect for display. Choose from the drop-down menu during checkout. 4- pack = 1 shungite or obsidian, 1 moonstone, 1 bloodstone, 1 green aventurine. 8 - pack= 2 shungite or obsidian, 2 moonstone, 2 bloodstone, 2 green aventurine. 12 - pack= 3 shungite or obsidian, 3 moonstones, 3 bloodstones, 3 green aventurines. Intentions, Healing. Acceptance. New beginnings. Connectivity. Rest & recovery. Finding balance. Unconditional love. Support. SIZE: Each crystal is about the size of a quarter and fits inside a 1 inch x 1 inch slot in each crystal tray. Please see photos for example

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