Bucky Luxurious Lavender Eye Pillow - Arctic Ice



Alayne's Thoughts:

Lavender is a magic herb for me. I merely touch a plant and smell my fingers and I am transported instantly to calm. I put lavender stems in my water, I drink lavender tea, I use Jurlique’s lavender shower gel at my sink and on my body and sometimes I put it right by my bed before I fall asleep.

Lavender is calming if you like the smell. Don’t force yourself with any aroma though. Just because someone or some article says Lavender=Calm doesn’t mean that you have to surround yourself with it if it doesn’t speak to you. But if it speaks to you, like it does for me, then one of the loveliest and under the radar products I sell in my store is the Bucky Lavender Eye Pillow. 

What I enjoy most about this eye pillow is that it doesn’t have a strap. It simply rests comfortably and kindly across your eyes with an added bonus of a gentle lavender aroma. If you have a hard time falling asleep, this pillow gives you a reason to settle your thoughts, take some slow deep breaths and before you know it, you will be snoozing with the rest of the world.

Product Details

  • 100% Silk Flaxseed and Lavender eye pillow 
  • Flaxseed retains heat or stays cool for hours
  • Eye pillow can be microwaved for soothing heat or chilled in the freezer for cooling comfort
  • Flaxseeds easily conform to the contours of your eyes
  • Fragrant lavender provides a calming scent to help relax and unwind. 

For cooling comfort:  Place eye pillow inside a plastic sealed bag and place in freezer.

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