Botanic Providence

Botanic Providence Facial Steam


How to Use (Multi-Use)

As a steam :

  • After cleansing, bring a pan of water from a boil to a low-simmer and put a tablespoon of the blend into the water.

  • Remove from Pan heat

  • Place your face over the steam at a safe distance, and cover the head with a towel.

  • The properties of the botanicals contained in the steam help to purify and tone the skin.

Use the facial oil to moisturize and further nourish the skin.

As an Herbal Infusion :

  • Prepare as you would any loose tea.

  • Allow to steep for a minimum for 10 minutes to allow for full infusion.

  • The Botanical properties of this blend are tonic and nutritive to the body and support healthy skin.

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