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Glo Neck Firming Serum


ALAYNE'S THOUGHTS: Really? Neck firming serum? I would say besides the crow's feet freak out from clients who are fast approaching the mid to end of their fifties and beyond, the new worries about their ever changing necks are in second place. And let's face it, scarves work great if you live in a cold climate, but July and August scarf wearing is highly unlikely. So the question becomes, "Is there something I can do about said neck wrinkling?" The truth is, not really. I mean the skin around the neck holds a mighty heavy weight on a 24/7 basis, (you know that never stopping chatty head above it?) Not to mention the skin is not the thickest part of our overall package. So does a Neck Firming Serum REALLY WORK? Here's my take, when I have used it, I definitely notice a better vibe, i feel like it is doing something. But like working out, you gotta keep at it... So if you like a product that makes you feel like you are doing something and you like an extra step in your routine, this is a great product. If it is just another product you buy like that latest diet plan or gym membership you haven't used, then hold off and make sure your cleanser and moisturizer are making their way to your neck every step of the way.



Neck Firming Serum promotes a visibly lifted, firmer appearance to the neck and décolleté. Innovative ingredients provide a remodeling effect by helping smooth, soften and strengthen the delicate skin in this targeted area.


Product Features:

  • Ideal for Fighting the Signs of Aging Skin
  • Great for All Skin Types Except Sensitive Skin
  • Helps Lift and Firm Delicate Skin Around the Neck
  • Can be Used Daily
  • Perfect for Day and Night Use

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