Alayne White

Alayne's Routine Kit


If you have always wanted to start with everything you need for great skin and more joy in your days, here is a collection of all of the products I use for my skin routine and some occasional rituals when I make the time.

This kit comes in a beautifully curated box with lots of little extras including instructions for A SHORT DAILY ROUTINE and A FULL THROTTLE ROUTINE, HOW TO FACIAL, HOW TO FOOT SOAK, HOW TO SHOWER RITUAL too!

Everything is in full sizes unless otherwise noted and there are no substitutes for this kit.

HOW LONG WILL ALL OF THIS DELICIOUS GOOP LAST? If you use all of it regularly, you should get 4-6 months out of most of it, likely more.

$25 from every purchase will go to EAST BAY FOOD PANTRY because no one needs to be hungry while we are spending this kind of $$$ on skin care.


  • Glo Phyto Active Enzyme Cream Cleanser
  • Jurlique Lavender Mist 
  • Glo Phyto Conditioning Oil Drops
  • Glo Bio Renew EFG Drops (.05 oz)
  • Glo Hydra Bright Liquid Exfoliant
  • Glo Restorative Cream
  • Glo Phyto Active Face Cream
  • Glo Beta Clarity Drops (.23 oz for spot treatments)
  • Glo Multi Mask Ritual Kit
  • 1 set of Eye Gels
  • Celestine Bath/ Foot Soak Crystals (sample)
  • HOBACARE Organic Jojoba Oil (sample)
  • Jurlique Shower Gel (sample)
  • Notebook/ Pencils
  • Teatulia Chamomile Tea
  • Tea Mug that will make you smile
  • Plant The Box Candle
  • Dermalogica Protection 50 Sport
  • Affirmation cards
  • Instructions, Skin Chat and 15% off any replacement order when you are ready.

$825 VALUE

ONLY $650



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