Alayne White

Cooking + Eating with Joe Simone: A FALL GATHERING



COST:  $165 per person

In Alayne's Kitchen happily presents Joe Simone as her first guest.

For those of us who fondly remember Joe from The Sunnyside and, of course, the delicious dinners at SIMONES in Warren, RI, Joe will be Alayne's guest in her kitchen for a fun and intimate evening doing what we love, cooking and eating together.


  • Appetizers, 3 Courses, Dessert, Wine, Mocktails, Coffee or Tea too.
  • Learn how everything is made
  • The recipes to take home
  • Watching Joe in his element - cooking, laughing and celebrating life
  • Gathering around a beautiful table and sharing the delights together
  • Lots of surprises, too
  • You will leave with a full belly and a guaranteed delightful evening. ( I have already put in my dessert request).

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