Jurlique Activating Water Essence+


ALAYNE'S THOUGHTS: When I first heard of this product, I sort of rolled my eyes. What client will actually take the time to 'gently press' a liquid into their skin after many clients confess to me they barely wash their face at night? (you know who you are) But then... I opened the beautiful glass bottle and it was like being in my garden- the aroma, the feel, I felt like I was putting flowers on my face. No matter your skin type, we all need hydration and if you are cool with just a little extra time, this product is worth it, just for the skin joy it gives you as part of a nice easy routine as the second step after cleansing before the bells and whistles of serums and moisturizers. Ahhhh. We need more ahhh.


Suitable for all skin types and an essential step in every skincare ritual, Activating Water Essence is applied to skin after cleansing to rejuvenate and provide long-lasting continuous hydration. High-performing botanical extracts attract and hold water, leaving the complexion smoother, softer and healthy-looking.

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