New Skin Resurfacing Treatment

These new non invasive, results oriented series of services are a stunning new addition to our menu. There is no down time with these and your skin will look brighter and happier after the first one. Sign up for our new first treatment called, SKINTRODUCTION ($75) with one of our skin coaches. At this 45 minute appointment, you will not only experience a targeted results oriented treatment, but you will also get a full analysis based on your own skin objective and if you want, a treatment plan that is like a boot camp for your skin.

my skin after 1 treatment, same lighting, same lipcolor, no makeup otherwise.

The weather is finally feeling sunny and bright. Gardening tools are out. Seedlings are getting planted and ready to move outdoors and life is grand. Now let's talk about the spring cleaning of your skin. At alayne white, we have prided ourselves on great skin care. Sometimes though, we forget to emphasize the expertise we have in skin as we have been known for over 14 years as the place to come to FEEL great.


I have always had the philospohy that if your insides are settled and calm, this will show up on your skin. Of course this was all before I turned 51, survived an early diagnosis of breast cancer and went through menopause.I completely changed my approach to skin care. The first thing I did was change how I ate. Following for 30 days, WHOLE 30. This was a significant experience for me as I eat healthy and have for many years, but this WHOLE 30 experiment was like a 30 day science project on my mind and body. As I did this, I saw vast improvements in my skin that astounded me.  So this coupled with our brand new skin resurfacing treatments and a high performing skin care product line we are slowly introducing, has made my heart AND my skin sing.

This book has changed my life, my brain, and the way I approach food. As a result my skin (and my mind and body) is better for it. We try to keep it fresh and new so that you never get bored with us. We have a great team of women who are the most passionate and professional group of people in the industry. And we are super excited to take your skin to the next level.

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