about the alayne white team written by Kristine G.

This blog is wrtiten by my illustrious and stellar team leader, Kristine. Seriously, without my team there is no alayne white. I may own the bus, but without a driver and customers on the bus... well you know..

Anyone who works in the service business knows, its a tough one!  There are so many aspects that go into each and every day, and most importantly you have to always "be on" as we say at the spa.  Woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Fight with your partner? Whatever it may be we "gotta leave it at the door" (another one of our sayings).  It is our goal day in and day out to exceed your expectations.  To provide you with a service and experience that you will receive nowhere else.  We spend a lot of time, energy and money on training and education.  We never have anyone giving services unless they have been extensively trained (usually lasting months).  We all are constantly taking classes....Product ingredients, new treatment techniques, waxing etc..  We close the spa several times a year and have team meetings/training/catch-ups.

All of the above, in my opinion, is what separates Alayne White from other spas...dare I say....worldwide!  Does that sound like confidence?  It should!  We have put together a team of the most talented, focused and hard working  professionals in the business. These women come to work everyday, leave their stuff at the door, and put their heart and soul into their work.  And their work is to treat your skin and your soul simultaneously.  To do this effectively, we need to only focus on you, the client.  You are the reason every one of us got into this business.

Does all this mean we are perfect.....NOPE! My mom always told me "you will never be perfect, but you should always try to be".  Whether you agree with that or not, please know, it is always our intention to make your stay at Alayne White perfect.  If it is, we have done our job, if it is not, we want to know about it.  Just so you know, client feedback is always handled with discretion.  We, at the spa, are here because we want to be the best at what we do, that takes feedback (positive and negative).  We are just that kind of business.  What we will do is learn, teach and correct to the best of our ability.

It is our pleasure to service all our clients everyday, and we so appreciate your business.  Please, if we don't exceed your expectations, drop me a note, I assure you, we DO want to know.

In Service,


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