Happy New Year! Thank you for all of your business, now use those gift cards!

delicious from Alayne White on Vimeo. If you were lucky enough to get an alayne white spa gift card this holiday, I thought perhaps you would like to hear about my favorite treatment and our number one selling gift card this year, DELICIOUS. Book your appointment online, type in the word, JOY and save 5%. Of course you can always call us too.. we are now open 6 days a week, Monday-Saturdays in both locations. Better yet, Tues-Weds we are there at night until 8:30 pm.

Alayne White from Alayne White on Vimeo. We know there are lots of spas to choose from, but your decision to shop at alayne white spa may be easier if I introduce myself in a video explanation of my intention to get you to know what makes the spa what it is. We try to make it super easy for you to shop with convenient hours and 24/7 instant certificates online that you can print or email yourself. OPEN:MONDAYS 9-4:30, TUES & WEDS 9-8:30PM, THURS 9-6PM, FRI&SAT 9-4:30.

The great news is that I consider my whole team of spa goddesses alayne white. They are the ones who really drive the bus, but without the gas that propels the bus, there would be nothing to drive so my role is the juice that makes it move.

The beauty business as it is often referred to is one of those businesses that can be looked at as frivolous fluff on the outside, but for those of us who have had a spa service at alayne white spa, we know there is such a deeper experience.Our services intend to get you in with the external in mind, but really once you lie on that table and take that nice breath, it is usually when you realize that a spa service offers so much more. The reality is that wonderful excuse to take a nap, a breath and a connection with your heart that often we overlook in our day to day running around. With the holidays fast approaching, why not choose to spend some time for yourself to come and have a service with us, if not now when? If you have a gift card that has been sitting waiting for the perfect time, why not now? If you are not going to use it, consider regifting it to a friend who may need some extra light. (we won't tell) But whatever you decide, like that china you only take out once a year, start using your stuff, life is short, time is fast and you only have one of you.

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