Fall Beauty Blog from Spa Goddess, Kristine

"Best of"....."Products you can't live without....Get gorgeous fast!"  These are all headlines that hit my mailbox this month.  Yes, I do subscribe to the "fashion magazines" (a guilty pleasure of mine).  So as I read, I thought, best for who? 'products that I can't live without'....who are they talking to?  How do they know what is best for me?  They have never seen or touched my skin.

Everyone's skin is different, what is best for me is not best for you.
This is why when you come in for your facial we always have a consultation before we begin.  We will ask you questions, such as what are your concerns? What is your routine etc.. Then we analyze your skin throughout the facial.  THEN we will make some recommendations for you based on what we have found.  In my opinion, this is the best way to get great results from your products.  What is the alternative....have you been in the skincare isle in the drugstore?  How do you pick? I bet alot of people go by the headline!  Let us help you.  We know skin.  We want you to have your best skin possible, no pressure! That is why we don't work on commission.  We will recommend, based on what you have told us and what we know. Then you make the decision based on knowledge, not headlines.

Fall, which is my favorite time of year, is the perfect time ro re-look at your routine.  As the seasons change so does are skin and its needs.  So come see us, get a facial or just ask us some questions.  Mention this blog and receive 10% your total product purchase.  Have a great fall everyone - see you at the spa!

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