A day at the spa

this is the only picture I could find of me in grooviest state of pure day at the spa vibage (is that a word?) I spent yesterday for my 45th birthday at my favorite place in the planet to chill, yes, my own spa. From 9:30am -4:00pm I was buffed, massaged and taken amazing care of by my spectacular team of spa goddesses.

I happened to pass a client between services all lubed up and said to her, "Pardon my appearanceI have just had a day at the spa." She then asked me, "Where do you go for a day at the spa?" That seems funny to write, but I must say, I was not surprised since in my years in this business of beauty, I can't tell you how many owners never take the time to get services at their own businesses! I find that amazing for so many reasons, the main one being, how the hell do you know what is going on in your business if you don't indulge? More importantly, if I am spewing the wonders of spa treatments, how can I not get them myself?

Last year I gave a few awards to my team members who showed incredible growth and leadership and one of those awards was a day off with pay and a day of spa services, any combination.Jenna was one of those winners and she just had her combo last week. She chose a Spassage, Beyond Belief Pedicure and Best Facial, a total of about 5.5 hours. Her comments to me were a reminder of how great we are.

" I feel like a pile of mush, you have created a sacred space and I can't believe how amazing I could feel. Thank you."

I concur. Yesterday, I had Delicious, Amazing pedicure and manicure and a spassage. Besides the feeling of super great incredible "vibage" what impressed me the most was how much I could relax in my own business. That says more than anything to me. I was able to absolutely enjoy being taken care of by my beautiful and loving team. Because I get services from them regularly, there was no nervousness with any of them and to me that is because we are a well tuned machine of lovliness. For those of you who know me, I speak the truth, usually unfiltered, not always enjoyed by the recipients, but it is always the truth good and bad. For that, my team is exceptional and they continue to grow. We give amazing services, yes, but many places can do that, what I am most proud of is the way we serve. No one does it like we do for our size business. Sure there are times when it doesn't work, but we are on a perpetual quest of improvement, always learning, always changing for the better. Yesterday, my day at my spa was a great fruit of our labor, perfection, delightful and I oozed out of there feeling so mellow that it was hard to write words to describe it.

So if we ever have the pleasure to meet, please ask me, where do you go for spa services and I will answer loud and proud, Alayne White Spa, and if you ask me who do you go to? I will loudly and proudly answer everyone because it is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.



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