How To Help

Thank you to all of the incredible clients asking the most lovely question, "How can we help?"

The truth of the matter is that in this unknown world, the only way to help is for all of us to do our part by staying home. Staying home will help to flatten the curve and we must do this as a country.

We will recover. We will open again. We just don't know when. Helping us in the beauty business and in small business in general means each of us doing our part and fulfilling our CIVIC DUTY by voluntarily staying home.

Restaurants, yoga studios, gyms have been brilliant in their adapting to this uncertain time by offering online classes and delivery services.

The beauty business doesn't have this luxury. We can't give you a facial online. We can't even teach you how to wax or thread your own eyebrows. Some of my friends have been doing beauty delivery and some hair color consulting to bandaid the complete stoppage of business, but for most of us in the beauty business, this is not sustainable.

So for now, my beautiful clients, we thought last Saturday, March 14th, when we voluntarily closed, we would be doing so for two weeks. Today that seems like a million years ago.

We will be closed until we are told it is safe to reopen.

You can help by taking care of yourself, staying home to help our health care workers, our first responders, and our incredible police force.

You can help by sending us Facebook messages, tagging us on Instagram, tagging us #alaynewhitespa, #beautycanwait, #lovealaynewhitefacials, or whatever else you feel like doing to send some much-needed love to my team.

The beauty business has been my love since my first haircut on Newbury Street in Boston, Mass when I was 6 years old. Almost 50 years later, for me it is still my love. But beauty is different now. It is who we are inside and how we are showing up for each other.

When we are back, beauty will be forever changed. By staying home now, we can be back sooner. This is how you can help. This is beauty.

Thank you for doing your part.

Much love,

Alayne White and my entire team of the most incredible women I have the privilege of knowing.


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