Summer Time Skip?

You may have noticed that in our recent social media posts about our June and July Treatment of the Month, Fun In The Sun, we keep using language about not wanting to miss treatments due to the summer sun. If you’re confused about why some people might be skipping treatments in the summer we’re here to fill you in and let you know how you can carry on keeping your skin in tip-top shape.

First thing’s first, the recommendation to skip certain treatments during the summer doesn’t mean all treatment. The recommendation is to skip peels during the summer months because they can increase sun sensitivity, but if you can definitely avoid the sun for a couple of days then you actually don’t have to skip peels either.

For the most part, any treatment that talks about “resurfacing” or helping to even out pigmentation is likely to be some sort of peel. The way peels work is that they gently remove a layer of your skin to provide a thorough exfoliation while also jump starting cell turnover and production. These processes then lead to skin that has a healthy glow while also helping to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation. That’s because the cell turnover and production essentially generates new, healthy skin cells.

However, due to the removal of a layer of skin peels can also leave your skin a bit sensitive for a couple of days - and this is never more true than when it’s exposed to tons of sunshine. It’s no secret that the sun’s glorious rays can also be quite damaging to your skin, and without the toughened-up top layer there the fresh new skin is even more susceptible to pigmentation - one of the primary things you’re trying to eliminate with a peel. Additionally, you want to keep your skin cool after a peel since warm skin can increase the risk of hyperpigmentation (so that means no working up a sweat for 24 hours).

Which brings us to the benefit of this summer’s Fun In The Sun treatment. If you still want to reap the glow-y benefits of a peel but don’t have the willpower to avoid the sun (and truly, we don’t blame you), this treatment is exactly what you need. It will brighten, strengthen, and - most importantly - protect your skin through the summer months so that when fall rolls around you’re still on track with your skin care plan and can jump right back into peels without any progress lost.

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