Don't Let Stress Affect Your Skin

Do you ever feel that when you’re at your most stressed out your skin goes haywire? The good news is that it’s definitely not in your head. The bad news is that, well … it’s not in your head. Stress really isaffecting your skin and the correlation between stress and skin flare-ups is real – whether it’s things like eczema, psoriasis or pimples. The key to putting an end to this is controlling your stress and not letting your body feel that stress. Easier said than done, I know.

We’re all human and all go through stressful situations, but having a few de-stressing techniques on hand could help avoid letting your skin show that stress. Add in some excellent skin care and pampering and you’ll be on your way to combating stressed out skin.


Okay, it may sound  silly to meditate for your skin, but hear me out. One of the major benefits of meditating is that it  relaxes your body and gets rid of the centralized stress you are feeling. If you can de-stress your mind and body, your skin will reap the rewards. Don’t have time for a full on 30-minute meditation session? Doing some quick techniques like breathing exercises or yoga poses can help you calm down during stressful times and alleviate that stress before it alerts your skin.

Wash Your Face Daily

Sometimes it’s hard to avoid stress, so if this is the case be prepared for it! If you’ve got some killer meetings coming up at work or you’ll be traveling a ton be sure you pamper your skin.  Use a gentle cleanser to combat oiliness and spot treat as necessary.

Avoid Stress Eating

We have all been there – you’re feeling stressed so you turn to foods high in sugar, carbs, or fats. (Uhm, or maybe all three…?) It may seem comforting in the moment but trust me it is not going to benefit you in the long run. It will cause breakouts to your skin and flare ups. If you simply can’t help yourself, grab a piece of dark chocolate or scoop of chocolate hummus to squash a craving for sweets or some fresh veggie to satisfy your need for some crunch.

Schedule a Facial

If you need a bit of a break mentally, there’s no better way to do it than to schedule some time just for you. And sure, I’m biased, but a skin care treatment is an excellent way to do that. Not only will you be doing something for you but your skin will be thanking you. (Looking for just the right treatment? Start with our Best Facial - it has awesome skin care elements as well as fantastic relaxation built right in.)

Stress can centralize in many different parts of your body and while it can be difficult to moderate that, some of these techniques and remedies can help ease the stress centralizing in your skin. And as always, if you’re feeling like you’ve tried it all and nothing is working, come on in and have a chat with one of our skin care experts. It may be time to switch up the products you’re using or purchase a series of treatments to get your skin back in line.

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