Why You Should Never Sleep In Your Makeup

It’s something we’ve all probably fallen victim to at least once or twice in our lives (especially in our younger “I didn’t know any better!” or “that was a crazy night!” years) - sleeping with makeup on. We get it - sometimes after a rough day at work or a night of too much fun your bed seems like it’s literally calling your name and you just can’t help yourself… but please, please try and help yourself. In this post we’ll go over three reasons why you should never sleep in your makeup. And if none of these reasons are enough to sway you (but we’re pretty sure they will be) just think of your poor, pretty pillow case - what did it ever do to deserve getting so dirty?

It Suffocates Your Skin

Think about it, ladies. When you wear makeup you’re adding layers and layers of product to your skin. Your skin is a delicate thing - it’s the largest organ of your body. Your pores allow it to breathe… but when you wear makeup you’re blocking your pores. You know that gross feeling you get when you step outside and it’s super humid and you take a deep breath and the air just feels gross? That’s your lungs saying “yuck!” Your skin has a similar response to being slathered in product - and while it’s fine to do for a few hours a day, your skin needs time to breath and repair itself - and that happens at night. By not removing your makeup, you’re taking away the chance for your skin to purify itself, replenish its natural oils, and repair itself from the day’s damage.

It Can Lead To Wrinkles

First and foremost let us just say - wrinkles are beautiful. They’re a sign of a life well lived. If you’re rocking laugh lines guess what - that means you’re HAPPY. You’ve been so happy that the happiness is permanently etched in your skin. EMBRACE THAT, BABY! Buuuut… we get it. No one really strives for wrinkles, and certainly no one wants them prematurely. When you don’t remove your makeup you’re basically creating the perfect environment for premature wrinkles and aging. As we said above, your skin needs that time at night - when it’s makeup free and your body is resting - to restore its natural oils and repair itself. These repairs include detoxifying (remember, your skin is an organ!), replenishing collagen and elasticity, and regrowing damaged cells so that your skin looks vibrant and smooth.

It Can Lead To Eye Infections

Sometimes, we hear women say that they “don’t wear makeup, only mascara” and therefore they feel like it’s okay to not remove their eye makeup at night. Or they’ll remove all of their base products but leave their eye makeup on because they don’t feel like dealing with the extra steps for removal that eye makeup can require. Ladies, eye makeup is makeup too - and it can have potentially the most immediate damaging effects. Not only is your skin an organ, but your eyes are too… and they’re really, REALLY sensitive. Not removing your eye makeup means that a day’s worth of gunk is going to be potentially rubbed into your eyes for however many hours of sleep you manage to log (hopefully it’s a solid 7-8!), which will almost definitely lead to an infection or damage. If you haven’t ever experienced a stye, or some sort of corneal abrasion consider yourself lucky. A stye is a bacterial infection in the glands near your eyelashes, and corneal abrasions are literally scratches on your eyeball (ow!) that can lead to permanent vision damage. Abrasions are also very, very painful and require a trip to the eye doctor and specialized medication to heal.

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